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EU to Condemn 'Echelon'

Anonymous Comrade writes "cryptome.org is publishing the full text of an article published by the British Guardian in abbreviated form on July 3.

"Members of the European Parliament will vote to finalise a report that condemns the use of the British and American run "Echelon" international communications surveillance
system as a breach of privacy, sovereignty and human rights.

The special report, which is expected to be adopted overwhelmingly by the full European Parliament at the start of September, calls for the European Convention on Human Rights to be amended to
enforce the privacy of international communications to the same standard as applies to national communications. And it demands that the British and German government enforce their legal and treaty
obligations to ensure proper supervision and accountability for secret US surveillance operations conducted from their territory."

In the meantime, the US is expanding the "Echelon" network. Proposed new stations "will be capable of simultaneously intercepting messages from about 25 satellites. This will provide the US with more capacity than is provided by the three smaller members of the current US alliance--Canada, Australia and New Zealand.""