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New Afrikan Anarchist Prisoner Ali Khalid Abdullah Denied Parole,

Accused of "Terrorist Activity"

By the International Campaign to Free Ali Khalid Abdullah

KINCHELOE, MI: Ali Khalid Abdullah, a New Afrikan
Anarchist Political Prisoner, was denied parole for
the sixth time yesterday. Ali received notice of this
decision (which contained no substantial justification
for a denial of parole) shortly after being told by
authorities at Kinross Correctional Facility that a
leaflet sent to him from Spain, allegedly advocating
armed attacks on government institutions, was rejected
by the prison mailroom. This decision from the
Michigan Parole Board also comes just weeks after Ali
was labeled a "suspected security threat" implicated
in "possible terrorist activity" by the Michigan
Department of Corrections (MDOC).

Pushing Forward writes


Here is a follow up of what is happening to Ali, parts of it are similar to what we already released, however, this has more details, a few corrections, and also a sample letter with the appropriate addresses in hopes that people will raise their voices as an act of solidarity during our comrade's time of need.

Thanx for all your work,


Anarchist lawyer writes "The article is some more detailed information about the judgement of 5 anarchists in State Security Courts in Turkey.

As you must have seen at some sites on the net (including infoshop.org), 5 anarchists in Turkey are judged. The first trial was on 13th of February in Izmir State Security Court (SSC) and it is postponed to 3th of April, 2002 (as the lawyer demanded additional time for defence). One of the anarchists was released because he had not been a perpetrator in the mentioned events (as the court decided), but he is still judged with the other four who were decided to be judged under arrest.

The anarchists were arrested while they were distributing "Usak Anarchist Autonom" signed pamphlets in a Turkey-wide demonstration day on 1st of December, 2001 in Usak. Because of the pamphlets and some wall-writings, anarchists were detained and accused of "participation in an illegal organization". The judge of the minor court in Usak decided to arrest them and send the file to the Izmir SSC.

Peru Supreme Court Upholds 20-Year Sentence for Lori Berenson

After months of delay, Peru's highest appeals court upheld the conviction
and 20-year sentence imposed against Lori last June 20. The five-judge
panel turned down her appeal that she was innocent of all charges and was
imprisoned solely for her beliefs. Dr. Sandoval, Lori's lawyer, had argued
that during the course of the civilian trial that commenced on August 28,
2000 there were numerous violations in fundamental due process and that no
evidence was presented nor did any witness testify that would warrant a
conviction. Dr. Sandoval said that the judges relied extensively on the
tainted evidence taken from other prisoners under duress and threats of
torture during the original 1995-6 military tribunals. Dr. Sandoval had
also pointed out that Chief Judge Ibazeta had prejudiced Lori two years
earlier but refused to recuse himself from the case and that the media, now
known to be corrupted by the discredited Fujimori-Montesinos regime, had
built up a strong negative public image of Lori that was impossible for her
to overcome and that there was never one moment where she was presumed
innocent requiring the State to prove guilt.

Press Statement by Rhoda and Mark Berenson

We are not surprised at the decision by the Peruvian Supreme Court and are
prepared to continue our efforts to bring Lori home. We remain convinced of
Lori's innocence and the decision of the Supreme Court today only indicates
that the Peruvian judiciary is still in need of reform. The anti-terrorism
laws under which Lori was convicted have been universally condemned and need
to be changed. Lori is but one of hundreds who wrongfully remain in
Peruvian prisons because of this injustice.

As to Lori's future, we remain optimistic. We believe in the strength of
the rule of law and we expect Lori to be released. First, we will call upon
President George W. Bush to right this wrong, to use his power under U.S.C.
22, Section 1732 and come to the rescue of a U.S. citizen who has been
wrongfully held in a foreign country. Second, we hope that the
Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of the Organization of American
States, which has had Lori's case under review for four years and which has
already publicly condemned the Peruvian laws under which she was tried, will
now be ready to call for Lori's release. And third, we call upon President
Alejandro Toledo to pardon Lori. She was a victim of the
Fujimori-Montesinos dictatorship that used her as a political pawn for their
personal gains. Given that Lori has already been held for more than six
years under extremely harsh conditions that have caused permanent damage to
her health, we ask him to pardon her immediately.

Website: Free Lori

Pushing Forward writes "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE!!
Thursday, Feb. 14, 2002

Political Prisoner Ali Khalid Abdullah Transferred
After Cell Search, Five Days After 6th Parole

***UPDATE: The International Campaign to Free Ali
Khalid Abdullah has learned that Ali may have been
transferred to the Kinross Correctional Facility
in Kincheloe, Michigan. CALL FOR PHONE SUPPORT

The International Campaign to Free Ali Khalid
Abdullah received word from Ali Tuesday night
(Feb. 12th) that he was to be transferred from Thumb
Correctional Facility in Lapeer, Michigan (where he
has been held captive for the last several years of
his 12 year imprisonment) to an unknown location. He
has told us that he will not be able to contact any of
us for the next several days until he is transferred
and his money (which isn't much) catches up to him.

Derleyici from Otonomedya writes "Anarchists in Usak (a small city in Turkey) were arrested on the 1st of December, 2001. Their first trial was held on the 13th of February in Zmir State Security Courts.

The anarchists from the Usak Anarchist Autonom were arrested at a public demonstration against the current economic crisis. They were accused of "distributing illegal pamphlets" and "joining an illegal organization".

The anarchists were in held in prison until the 13th of February without given a trial. Their first trial in court was on this day. They were accused of violating the Article 7/2 of Anti-terror Laws ("making propaganda for an illegal organization"). One organization cited was the Anarchist Youth Federation (AYF), which is in the Anarchist Platform. The anarchists refused this accusation.

The court set one of the anarchists (Serkan) free due to insufficient evidence, but he is still going to be judged with the others who are still under arrest.

The next trial will be on 3th of April, 2002. We will keep on informing you.

Fuller information can be found at this website: otonomedya

hydrarchist writes:
[N.B. "The Disobedients" is the national, Ya Basta!-fuelled network that
inherited the experience of the White Overalls. Here are one of their
political communiques and their press release, both texts dated January
26th, 2002. If you want to express solidarity, please write to:
yabasta@tin.it, yabasta_bo@topica.com, tpo@ecn.org.]


There are gestures whose impact lasts for a long time, gestures that mark
the beginning of something or the passage to a new phase of conflicts,
gestures made by people who are fully conscious of their values.
In the morning of January 25th, 2002, we made such a gesture. We invaded a
concentration camp and dismantled it piece by piece. That prison was ready
to contain hundreds of human beings whose only "fault" is being "without
papers". The Center of Temporary Permanence of Bologna was disassembled and
made unusable. A group of about a hundred people, European citizens, chose
to disobey an unjust law, a law that regards as "illegal" the human beings
who were born outside this continent as soon as they lose their jobs, ie as
soon as they are no longer exploitable for the profit of European
entrepreneurs. This law denies freedom of circulation and sets up ethnic
camps for people awaiting forced "repatriation", people whose countries
have been devastated by poverty and war.

Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Newsletter

January, 2002

"Prison is a weapon used by the State to crush individuals who step out of

(Michael Collins, former Mayday 2000 prisoner)

Welcome to the January 2002 edition of the ELP Newsletter. Britain is
currently witnessing the proposal of some of the most pro-development,
anti-environmental legislation ever seen. (See "Earth Liberation
Investigation" on page 4). With such proposals being made, ELP would not be
surprised to see an increase in Earth First! style protests. But with that
runs the risk of imprisonment. It is totally unjustified that people should
have to risk imprisonment because they want to try and save one little piece of
the planet. It is totally unforgivable if, once inside, that prisoner was not
given the support they deserve. Remember, no matter how long they are serving,
they all deserve our support. Support the Earth Liberation prisoners.

hydrarchist writes: "The following review appeared in the first issue of The New Formulation: An Anti-Authoritarian Review of Books (Vol. 1, # 1, November 2001). The complete text of this issue is available at: http://flag.blackened.net/nf/index.htm

Another piece titled "Theory of the Anti-Globalization Movement"
by Chuck Morse is available at the infoshop

The Police/Prison Edifice

Review by Lex Bhagat

Lockdown America: Police and Prisons in the Age of Crisis
by Christian Parenti
Verso, 1999

The Perpetual Prisoner Machine: How America Profits from Crime
by Joel Dyer
Westview Press, 2000

We Were Waiting for Books Like These

In 1994, Bill Clinton's election-promised “anti-crime bill” was passed. Young people in urban America could feel its effects almost immediately, as our cities were seized by a new occupying army of soldiers in blue. A new phase of revolutionary struggle was begun in earnest: continued revolution from the Right. If the election of Nixon in 1972 amounted to a sort of Bourbon Restoration of 1814, then Democrat Clinton was Napoleon III, ready to create a new landscape.

The appearance in the coming months of so many police was like the appearance of a scaffolding—a scaffold pinned securely to the ground on either coast by California’s Three Strikes Law, and in New York by the ascension of Giuliani. As the edifice then emerged within, none of it came as a surprise: checkpoints, curfews, rampant street frisking, “Truth in Sentencing,” “Contract on America,” etc.

But, as that edifice grew, and as friends and loved ones disappeared from the streets, a generation was galvanized into political struggle against police and prisons. For many years, it was an intuitive movement—motivated by rage, and informed by first-hand experience, by Public Enemy and KRS-1, or in some cases by letters to loved ones or mentor-comrades inside. We read what we could—Cleaver’s Soul on Ice, Sykes's Society of Captives, Soledad Brothers, Assata, Marighella's Minimanual for the Urban Guerilla—and tried to apply what we learned to the current situation. Foucault's Discipline and Punish was precious water, and well-worn copies passed through many hands and opened many minds. Yet, it held a stark gray area that pointed to the originality of the current crisis, since the evidence in our guts told us that the root of our American situation was not Panopticon but the slave ship.

DaaaihLoong writes: "Starbucks admits to using prison labor.

"In a statement, Starbucks public affairs director Audrey Lincoff said
Starbucks is aware that Signature uses inmate labor and believes its
contract with Signature is "entirely consistent with our mission
statement," which says the company will respect others, contribute to
community, and embrace diversity."

Of the inmate's (minimum wage) paycheck, the DOC takes nearly 50% for prison expenses and Starbucks (and other companies using prison laborers) save by not paying health insurance or retirement.

For the full story, go to:
http://www.seattleweekly.com/features/0152/news-ba rnett.shtml>"


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