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Friday March 14 at 8:00pm

Featuring slideshow and multi-media performances by Seth Tobocman, Kevin Pyle and Mac McGill.

$5 (or $3 with a paperback dictionary)

ABC No Rio

156 Rivington Street (between Clinton & Suffolk)

NYC -- 212.254.3697

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Italy indymedia writes:
Call for a collection of Video Materials

Seventeen months after the beatings by the police in Genoa the investigations are now concluding. Those who investigated the death of Carlo have decided that, in the context of the materials available to the prosecutor, Placanica acted to defend himself legitimately, firing a pistol shot in the air that, after having hit a stone, killed Carlo.

jim writes ""Governor Ryan's Song"

Mumia Abu-Jamal

Gov. George Ryan, in the last passing days of his first and only
term, saved the best for last.

He sent shock waves across the nation when he issued four pardons to
men sitting on the Condemned Units of the state's prison system,
opening the doors of the dungeon for four men, one who sat in the
shadow of the gallows for nearly two decades. Speaking in a soft,
Midwestern accent, his words were as damning as the death sentences
that his orders negated: "The system is broken."

Anarchist Prisoners' Legal Aid Network writes "On Tuesday January 7, 2002, Misconduct Reports were delivered to anarchist prisoners Rob los Ricos (Robert Thaxton) and Brian McCarvill at Oregon State Penitentiary (OSP). They were subsequently transferred to Disciplinary Segregation ("The Hole"). Rob was written up for "Disobedience of an Order I" and "Unauthorized Organization I"; we assume that Brian's charges are similar and he has also been sent to the Hole. Rob now expects "4 months in a box" and both Rob and Brian may be transferred to another Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC) institution.

Anarchist Black Crescent-Ankara writes

"According to the 31 December dated information coming
from Greece, anti-authoritarian syndicalist Yannis
Serifis (who had been prisoned for months without any
clear evidence related with 17N inquiries) has been
released conditionally after paying 30,000 euros.
Serifis will not be allowed to go abroad and leave
Athens. Also he has to go to police station to sign up
3 times in every month. DOWN WITH WALLS!"

DaaaihLoong writes "Melanie Schmid, #5992221, an inmate at Oregon's Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, is being harassed and intimidated by prison officers after allegedly reporting an inmate-officer relationship. Although Melanie did not blow the whistle, she has been subjected to unwarranted cell-ins as well as threats of disciplinary reports and segregation by CO Heflin (the officer in question), CO Jackson and others. Although Melanie has reported this intimidation to Captain Dickenson and Superintendent Palmateer, Heflin continues to work on the unit and the harassment continues.

Below is an excerpt from Melanie about the harassment:

"I had just moved back to H Unit. The inmate, Robb, came up on me all hostile and said, "Oh, I hear you wrote kytes on me and Heflin for having an affair." At first I laughed at her, then said, "If you're not doing anything, why are you tripping?" She continued on and on about how nothing could be proven.

Then, the male guard, CO Heflin, was removed from the unit. I was then told to report to the captain's office where I was informed that I had no disciplinary reports in over 2 years. (I can go to the Parole Board every three years provided I have no disciplinary action against me. I am scheduled to appear before the Parole Board in October 2003 if I continue to stay out of trouble)

A report from Italian Indymedia

"Last night (Nov 15th) twenty people, part of new global movements in the South
of Italy, have been imprisoned with very heavy and fascistic accusations:
'Subversive association and political conspiracy finalized to disrupt
Government functions, subversive propaganda and violent subversion of the
economic order of the State'. "

Feed The Herd writes:

"Feed the Herd Theatre Company  proudly presents:

The Foundation

Written by Antonio Buero-Vallejo

Translated by Marion Peter Holt

Directed by Brian Snapp

The Trilogy Theatre (341 W. 44th St, NY, NY)

November 6–23 (Wed.–Sat. at 8pm)

Tickets are $15 ($10 students/seniors)

Reservations: 212.501.2282

BUY TICKETS ONLINE: http://www.theatermania.com/ny/shows/foundation/

The Foundation is a play about the effects of political imprisonment. Seen through the eyes of an aspiring writer and prisoner of war, Thomas. His imagination and severe disillusionment allows him to change his reality — that of being in a bare cell with five other inmates in a nondescript era — into a fanciful world where he is a free man in a research lab with his girlfriend. The guards become vaulted servants in a world of refinement.  It is only when the layers of reality become unclouded in Thomas’s eyes that the audience truly sees the hopeless world he lives in; the setting deteriorates from ornate to decrepit and unadorned.

James Sotros writes:

Yannis Serifis, 63 year old anti-authoritarian syndicalist, has been
imprisoned and charged as being a member of the armed struggle group
"November 17" and for the murder of CIA chief in Greece, Richard Welch in
1975 (after the fall of the dictatorship).

DaaaihLoong writes: "Update on Barrilee Bannister, #11309597, in Oregon's Coffee Creek Correctional Facility:

Although Norma Land, the Executive Assistant to the prison's superintendent, has insisted that Barrilee Bannister's change in job status (from full-time to part-time) has nothing to do with the fact that she reported a guard's sexual harassment, Bannister lost her job as visiting room orderly on 1 October.

When I spoke to Norma Land on 27 September, she at first said that one issue had nothing to do with the otehr. She then contradicted herself and said that she was not allowed to talk about cases which were under investigation. When I reminded her that I was calling about Bannister's job status and not the sexual harassment (which I had called about the week before), she became flustered and stated, "We're not talking about any of Ms. Bannister's issues right now."

I then asked if the change in job status was part of the investigation. She told me that she couldn't comment on that. She also would not say how long she thought the investigation would take.

Someone from Oregon also called. Norma Land asked her if Barrilee was asking people to call in and then proceeded to give her the same run-around.

On 27 September, Barrilee was confronted by Captain Bjerke that she was being overly dramatic and blowing things out of proportion. When Bannister asked for examples of such behavior, the captain didn't answer.

Please continue to call Superintendent Joan Palmateer's office at (503) 570-6412. Ask why Bannister's job was terminated despite the fact that she has been doing an excellent job and has been actively (and successfully) soliciting donations for the children's visiting room. She is also asking that callers ask Ms. Palmateer or her assistant Norma Land how many inmates have died in the six months that CCCF has been open (there have been quite a few)."


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