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We're back!!!!!

After a long procrastination in fighting out whatever issue broke the info exchange slash code site, and an even longer process of converting that slash code site to drupal, we're just about done.

At this point, all stories, users, comments have been moved over. slash user's journal entries are now blog posts.

Thanks to those that attended the workshop at NYC Drupal Camp 3 for which conversion from slash to drupal was started. Details on the conversion can be found at http://eric.openflows.com/node/26

Expect the site to change a bit in design, interface and features over the next month or two.


Could the site use the "Interlaced" theme (which Autonomedia.org is using), for a little inter-site consistency?

I would like to see this site keep its own visual identity separate from the primary autonomedia and interactivist sites

I agree with eric in principle here, though there is a middle road. We could install both the Autonomedia and Interactivist.net themes, and allow users to switch should they feel so inclined; though that might run counter to why Ben was suggesting it to begin with. Also it might introduce new bugs in both of those themes that we have not seen before, not necessarily a bad thing but it does mean more work for someone.