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A tiger of fire

1) Western Democracies = Capitalist democracies = Democratic Governments = Democratic States. 2) The Soviet Bloc = Finished = Bolshevik Capitalism = Democratic Centralism. 3) Religious States = Capitalist System = Islam > Jewish > Christian > Buddhist = Capitalist Socio-Economic System. 4) Dictatorship = Capitalist. 5) Democracy = Capitalist.

The common thread in all this is always the capitalist economy; therefore what is essential is the complete undermining of capitalism as a socio-economic system. Our uncompromising commitment to anti-capitalism and for an anarchic socio-post-economic meta-system, will universalize the revolution and bring nearer the downfall of the anti-human capitalist system, i.e. the creation of individualist-communist anarcho-social economic system = Meta-anarchy. All I am saying is that as long as capitalism exists there will always be classes, war and anguish, as long as the capitalist economic system continues to exist, we are going to have a lot of suffering and unnecessary pain. So what is the conclusion? It is of course the dismantlement of this socio-economic system immediately and without any delay, so we could save a lot of future sufferings and poverty. Just because your city has not yet been bombed by the American or Israeli air force and flattened out that does not means that your city is not next. There will come a time soon just before the final collapse of capitalism when the American and Israeli air forces will bomb (atom) their own country and vanish. The ills that capitalism encourages and causes is humanly intolerable, and anyone who can tolerate this system is either a direct beneficiary from it or indifferent to the oppression of others, you cannot dance in both weddings at once, unless of course you are a wave of energy that goes faster than the speed of light.