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Icon of Death...

...composed from one thousand portraits of American soldiers killed in the Iraq war...

The Middlesex Declaration of the European Precariat

We networkers and flextimers of Northern and Southern Europe,
gathered at Middlesex University and determined to go beyond
the sclerotizing
European Social Forum, solemnly join minds and bodies in the present declaration of
against Europe's governments and corporate bureaucracies.

NWD writes:

New World Disorder Magazine

Issue Three Now Online

The furthest fringes of the culture — in its obscure webpages, zines, and samizdat publications, eerie shortwave and streaming audio radio voices that sound like they're coming from the other side (or maybe just a trailer in Lawrence, Kansas) — and the memes they contain, can be used as a magic mirror, a shewstone, Delphic vapors where the future can be divined, where the cultural matrix you will find yourself in the future can be glimpsed now.

In part, that's what the New World Disorder project is attempting to do (the other aspects of this working to be revealed as they manifest): to illuminate some of the weirdest and mind-bending culture from the edge, some of which, following the trajectories of centripetal culture, will come to dominate our lives tomorrow as much as space age religious warriors and mutant pop stars do today.

"How To?"


How to?

Don't know what I want,

but I know how to get it.

— Sex Pistols, "Anarchy in the UK"


TWENTY YEARS. Twenty years of counter-revolution. Of
preventive counter-revolution.

In Italy.

And elsewhere.

Twenty years of a sleep behind security gates, haunted
with security guards. A sleep of the bodies, imposed
by curfew.

Twenty years. The past does not pass. Because war
continues. Ramifies. Extends.

In a global networking of local devices. In an
original calibration of the subjectivities. In a new
superficial peace.

An armed peace

well made to cover the course of an imperceptible
civil war.

rev. terry writes


Rev. Terry and Crudocrust of the DAAA Collective Modesto CA, Central Valley

From forthcoming and final DAAA Collective zine, NCAA (Northern Californian Anti-Authoritarian) #5.

Every business day a living creature is violated, condemned, coerced, biologically molested, and standardized to the point of misery between the hours 8:00am-3:00pm, preparing for a life full of preparing for life, or what they would tell us will be “our lives”. These creatures are made to feel inferior, and are forced through state sanctioned means of coercion and degradation, to compete and test against each other, creating newly formed class systems that in their earlier years never existed. Like a hunter gather thrust into a world of divide labor and complicated technology, we have be thrust from our world of play and fun into a world where suddenly things were serious. These creatures are children, around the ages 4-18. Chances are a child today has already witness a divorce, addiction, violence, and witnessed some one they love crushed by debt or job loss. Now they will have the experience of hearing that he/she is “not as advanced” or “ hyper active” because they cant sit throe 8+ hours of bland restricted teaching? As the problems increase, so do the pills. Where once a happy child bounced with the joys of young life, now a lifeshell now sits, digesting their drug intake. Some of our eyes are opening, and some of us our seeing that we are not supposed to fit into the mold that they are forcing us into. Schools have us training to be math wizes and track stars, but most of aren’t or don’t want the position if left to our own devices, and we are very, pissed off about it.

Keith Wigdor writes:

"Surrealism in 2004"

Keith Wigdor

My name is Keith Wigdor and I am a Surrealist! Surrealism is a movement that involves all forms of mental activity intended to destroy logic. There is no orthodox tradition when it comes to a Revolution of the Mind, an overwhelming desire to embrace chance, and contempt against hypocrisy most of all! There are no leaders here, there exists no groups, no closed doors. There exists the need to free humanity from its own predispositions toward conformity and enslavement to thought control, to eliminate all rational states of mind, to overcome subordination to the social order and to exorcise all the demons of tradition from one's life.

An anonymous coward writes:

"Eye for an Eye:

Bush Braining Storms"

President Bush addressed the nation today from the oval office, “My fellow Americans, due to the grave threat posed by future hurricanes like Charlie and Frances, I have asked Congress to declare war on hurricanes and they have done so.”

The move comes as a surprise to many. A senior administration official familiar with the matter said, “We had no choice. We face a canny enemy. Hurricane Frances targeted Florida and Ohio and appears to be an attempt to alter the result of November's election.”

Anonymous Comrade writes: For a depressing glimpse of what goes on in the puny brains of the ignorant, hate-filled bigots freely strolling New York City streets with guns and clubs, check out NYPD Rant.

An Anarchist in the Hudson Valley
in conversation: Peter Lamborn Wilson
with Jennifer Bleyer

From the excellent

Brooklyn Rail

It’s been nearly ten years since Peter Lamborn Wilson—née Hakim Bey—looked at the pitiably state-bound, rule-bound world around him and asked: "Are we who live in the present doomed never to experience autonomy, never to stand for one moment on a bit of land ruled only by freedom?" In a slim, rattling volume called Temporary Autonomous Zone, Wilson intoned that, in fact, freedom is already here. Autonomy exists in time, he said, rather than space. It’s in times of wildness, revelry, abandon and revolution that for even just one brief jail-breaking moment, as sweet as honey to the tongue, one is freed of all political and social control.

Wilson rightly became celebrated as a kind of urban prophet. It was an identity to add the others he bears seamlessly and without contradiction: anarchist, poet, public intellectual, psychedelic explorer, artist, social critic, Sufi mystic. Six years ago he moved upstate from the East Village to New Paltz, New York. The setting is different, but the ideas have only deepened—notably his critique of global capital and "technological determination." In his green wood-frame house, trees rustling overhead and birds chirping outside, we drank tea and talked.

"Bush Is Lord:

A site dedicated to showing our leader in his truest holy light."

"Welcome to Bush Is Lord. Our purpose is to bring you documentation to our media-supported claim that George W. Bush is indeed not only our nation's leader, but our spiritual lighthouse and embodied salvation."


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