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Drug War

Anonymous Comrade submits:

Hempfest 2003: A Report

Rob Waddell

Hempfest 2003 rocked on for 3 days and two nights deep in the forest of Northern Ontario. With world class entertainment and an impressive lineup of speakers the citizens of Hempfest 2003, all 960 and 238 dogs were blessed with amazing weather all weekend long. The rains came down on Thursday but the skys cleared by evening and gave us an entertaining show with the Aurora Borealis dancing through the sky. The people started arriving on Thursday to stake their campsite for the weekend to come and to set up their "art installations".

Stop US Congress From Using DEA Money to Attack Medical Marijuana Movement!

CALL RIGHT NOW - VERY URGENT. Vote is Morning of Thursday, May 22nd, 2003

Earlier this week we asked you to call the House Government Reform Committee and urge them to remove provisions from HR 2086 that would allow the White House to use the billion-dollar anti-drug ad campaign for partisan political purposes. Thanks to you, Congress is listening. Your calls have created a firestorm on the Committee that we hope will ultimately lead to the repeal of the propaganda provision.

Now, we need your help to take out another bad provision.

"Tommy Chong Busted for Selling Bongs"

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (AP) -- Tommy Chong, who played one half of the dope-smoking duo in Cheech and Chong movies, pleaded guilty in federal court Tuesday to conspiring to sell drug paraphernalia.

Chong also pleaded guilty on behalf of his business, Nice Dreams Enterprises, which made a line of marijuana bongs and pipes. Doing business as Chong Glass, Nice Dreams Enterprises sold glass pipes and bongs that Chong acknowledged were used to smoke marijuana.

Full story is at Chong

"US Threatens Canada Over Marijuana Decriminalization"

Tim Harper,
The Toronto Star, May 3, 2003. 08:36 AM

U.S. drug czar John Walters says Ottawa is wrong to consider decriminalizing
simple possession of marijuana.

Pot plan puts U.S. noses out of joint

Trade at risk, warns drug czar

Decriminalization called a mistake

WASHINGTON-Welcome to the latest flashpoint in Canada-U.S. relations, one
that has nothing to do with regime change or war and everything to do with

Anonymous Comrade writes "THE RAVE ACT IS MOVING!


Late on Tuesday, April 8, a Senate and House Conference Committee,
without a hearing, public notice or a debate in Congress, attached
the Illicit Drug Anti-Proliferation Act (formerly known as the RAVE
Act) to the Amber Alert Bill (a child abduction bill).

It is not too late to stop the bill - Fax your senators. The main
floor fight is likely to take place in the Senate in the next 12-24
hours so do it NOW
http://actioncenter.drugpolicy.org/action/index.as p?step=2&item=1578

Drug War Vigil Memorial Group writes:

2nd Annual "Drug War Vigil" Film Festival

Drug War Vigil Memorial Group (14 Mar, 2003)

Entries must be registered by March 14, 2003

The Drug War Vigil Memorial Group is a social justice think tank that was founded in the fall of 2000. We are five medical cannabis users, dedicated to ending the War on Drugs. We as a group collectively recognize that the militarization of this medical issue and the criminalization of the chronically sick, terminally ill and chemically dependent has resulted in the needless loss of human life, and that this is the true crime.

Anonymous Comrade writes:

Ed Rosenthal's Federal Trial Begins

Feds Falter on Pot Plant Count

Tuesday, January 21 -- In the midst of a minor media blitz, the cultivation trial of marijuana activist and noted author Ed Rosenthal got underway in San Francisco federal court today. Assistant U.S. Attorney George Beven outlined the case against the man known as the foremost expert on marijuana growing, without actually discussing what Mr. Rosenthal was doing -- providing small starter clones of high-potency female plants to local marijuana dispensaries for distribution to qualified patients. The result was a disjointed opening argument.

Anonymous Comrade writes:

Britain Launches Five-Day Anti-Narcotics Training Program for Afghan Police

AP World Politics, Thu Dec 12, 2002, 10:07 AM ET

http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/ap/ 20021212/ap_wo_en_po/as_gen_afghan_britain_drugs_1

KABUL, Afghanistan -- British customs officers began an anti-narcotics
training program Thursday for police struggling to fight the drug trade in
Afghanistan, which produces more opium than any other
country, the British Embassy said.

Santa Cruz, California City Officials to Hand Out Marijuana

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (Reuters) - Santa Cruz city leaders plan
to take part in a public pot giveaway next week to protest a
recent federal raid of a medicinal marijuana cooperative
that served mostly terminally ill members.

City Councilman Ed Porter said on Thursday he wants to show
solidarity with residents in the beach community located
some 70 miles south of San Francisco who are outraged at the
federal raid last week that occurred without the support or
knowledge of local officials.

chris volkay writes:

I would like to enter the foray on what we refer to as the
war on drugs. The aspect of the ongoing farce we
euphemistically refer to as the “war on drugs” I would like
to address is the government's, the politicians', and the
people's, absolute duplicity regarding our entire societies
en masse altering of it’s collective neurochemistry.

For what are the real problem drugs in our society? Cocaine,
heroin, speed, etc.? Oh heavens no, friendly friends. Legal
tobacco, alcohol and prescription drugs (uppers, downers,
sleeping pills) do a hundred times more damage, more loss of
life, disease, cause more loss of productivity, violence,
etc. etc. than the aggregate of the other highly publicized
illegal drugs.


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