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Ecuador Declares State of Emergency Amid 'Coup Attempt'BBC

A state of emergency has been declared in Ecuador after President Rafael Correa accused the opposition and security forces of a coup attempt.

Mr Correa was taken to hospital after being hit by tear gas at a protest. Later reports spoke of fresh violence outside as he was being treated.

Troops also took over the main airport, forcing it to close. Unrest has been reported across the country.

Interview: Noam ChomskyHicham Yezza, Ceasefire

Little of novelty or substance can be added to the millions of words that have already been written or spoken about Noam Chomsky. But it’s worth repeating a couple of them, if only to underscore the sheer, breathtaking scale of his achievements.

Wyclef Jean for President of Haiti? Look beyond the Hype Charlie Hinton and Kiilu Nyasha, Haiti Action Committee

Militarization of Central America and the Caribbean: The U.S. Military Moves Into Costa Rica Mark Vorpahl

Nestled between Panama to its south and Nicaragua to its north, Costa Rica is a Central American nation roughly the size of Rhode Island.

"The Rebellion of the Poor Comes to Grahamstown" Xola Mali, Ayanda Kota, Nombulelo Yame

The rebellion of the poor has been spreading from town to town, from squatter camp to squatter camp, since 2004. Last week it arrived in Grahamstown.

There is no third force, political party or communist academic behind our struggle. It is oppression at the hands of the African National Congress that has driven us into the rebellion of the poor. We are in rebellion because we are being forced to live without dignity, safety or hope.

The Autumn of the HegemonLouis Proyect

This was the year that the war in Afghanistan became the longest in American history. It was also a year in which a jobless recovery was threatening to spiral out of control, turning into a double-dip recession. For those with even the most underdeveloped capacity for making historical analogies, it should be rather obvious that the U.S. is facing the same kind of intractable contradictions that brought down the USSR.

"Government Cuts: As Stupid As They Seem?" Hillel Ticktin

[There are a surprising lack of convincing explanations as to why the capitalist class is pushing through the present unprecedented austerity drive - even at the risk of provoking both mass opposition and a double-dip recession. The following excerpts, from Hillel Ticktin's recent articles in Critique, do offer an interesting partial explanation.]

The Political Meaning of the Attacks on Abahlali baseMjondolo Michael Neocosmos


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