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Amsterdam Demo: Jungle AAA vs. Missile Shield

Jungle Association of Autonomous Astronauts writes: "


Wednesday 22 August

At the American Consulate in Amsterdam, Museumplein 19, 3 o'clock.

Organized by the Jungle Association of Autonomous Astronauts

The National Missile Defence system (NMD), which the American government is planning to built in order to defend themselves against miniature 'rogue-states' like North-Korea proves once again the high amount of slapstick present in the rhetoric of George W. Bush. He may be evil but he is still a lousy Darth Vader. Darth Vader, for all his sins, expressed himself in an intelligible manner, looked a great deal better and even posessed of a more coherent ideology. The missile system, however, is nothing more than sentimental machismo from frustrated cowboys: Bush bragging to Vladimir Putin he has got the largest (rocket).

The expensive refuelling of the Cold War this missile shield is promising to offer, left aside (Greenpeace has taken upon this issue fairly decent), the Jungle Association of Autonomous Astronauts is organising this demonstration to protest the reality that every nation with the power to do so can use space for military uses without consulting the 'people'. Even though space aviation has always been part of military policies, secretely forcing the political processes at the background, this NMD plan is a slap in the face of everybody who believes in the possibility of a peaceful, democratic and creative space aviation.

It all started so gloriously. Assuring to fulfil all promises made by science fiction, the official space travel agencies have become black holes. Boring scientist who have to battle with military and commerce for room and financial back-up, all proposing their own mediocre short termed projects. There can be no doubt that if we have to wait for them, it will take at least another century before the first civilian astronauts will get their chance to travel among the stars. This demonstration is targeted not solemnly to this Missile Defence System but also against the political processes which are at the background of it: the conspiracy of nameless technocrats who are operating within the shadows of their back offices without bothering about the consequences or moral problems which are connected to the abuse of space in the interest of an elite.

Demonstrate with us in favour of a democratic independent space aviation. Demonstrate with us Against the National Missile Defence system.

Bring your own sound system to this Demonstration

For more information we refer you to the Jungle Association of Autonomous Astronauts website: http://www.socialfiction.org/jungleaaa or contact us by e-mail: jungleaaa@socialfiction.org"