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"New Technologies in Media Literary" Program, Athens, Greece, June 2002

"New Technologies in Media Literary" Program

Annual Mediterranean Regional Summit AGORA 2002"

Athens, Greece, 15-18 June 2002

Supervised by the Hellenic Audiovisual Institute

Produced by European Childrens' Television Center www.3rd-ws.org

Organized by Childrens' Media Development

Focused on New Technologies in Media Literacy, AGORA 2002 aims to bring
together some of the most prolific researchers, producers and innovators
from the field of ICT and education, while providing unique opportunities
for synergies and investements in the fast developing marketplace of the
Mediterranean basin.

Enclosed find a synopsis of AGORA 2002 program, as well as details for
participation, to a unique platform of possibilities for synergies and
investments on the children's audiovisual environment of the Mediterranean


AGORA 2002 kicks off the 15th of June with the MEDIITERRANEAN YOUTH
OBSERVATORY one day conference. Members and partners of the MedObs'
international network aim to influence the policies related to Youth and
Media and to open to the Mediterranean basin new cooperations schemes on
this field with the rest of the world.

For more info on the MED OBSERVATORY and how to participate please contact
the MedOb coordinator and head of the steering committee, Mr. Rodolfos
Maslias medobs@ectc.gr .

In the following day, June the 16th, in collaboration with Italian RAISAT
Ragazzi, AGORA will host the CHILDRENS' CHANNELS FORUM. Thematic
for children from different countries all over the world will compare
experiences and cooperate in order to create a real and useful network
exchange products, projects and ideas. The forum will be complemented by
attempt to
underline the necessities of both the researchers and the Media
For more info contact the TV Coordinator, Mrs. Vasso Kanellopoulou
tv@ectc.gr .

NEW TECHNOLOGIES IN MEDIA LITERACY will be the thematic axis of the
scheduled for the third day, 17th of June. This part-conference,
part-hands-on-lab will bring together electronic media producers and
e-content programmers, researchers, digital artists, media tutors, media
education designers, psychologists and children; anyone who is involved
the making of a school for the future.

For more info on the NEW TECHNOLOGIES IN MEDIA LITERACY and how to
participate contact Mr. Yianni Skourogianni newtech@ectc.gr

Another ECTC initiative that will be presented for illumination the 17th
June in AGORA, is the MEDIA SUMMER SCHOOL. Conceived as a summer
camp where old and new will meet, analogue and digital will infuse, the
first Mediterranean school for children has been programmed to open its
doors in 2004, at the village of Giffoni, Southern Italy. AGORA will
the first of a series of preparatory workshops where new concepts,
desings and applications on interactive media education will be debated,
discussed. For more info contact Mr. George Christakeas, mss@ectc.gr

The last day of AGORA, 18th of June, is dedicated to Collaboration
On of the initiatives that will be presented and discussed.is the WORLD
SPORTS EXPO FOR YOUTH 2004 project. WSE is a global exhibition to be
organized in Athens in July and August 2004. The exhibition is to
visual, audiovisual and web-based creations addressed to children as
well as
art creations produced by children. It will carry out an indicative
mapping of the international situation and a wide-ranging and detailed
presentation of global realities at an historic moment when the Olympic
Games are returning to their birthplace.
For more info on WORLD SPORTS EXPO FOR YOUTH 2004 and how to participate
please contact Mrs. Eugenia Liroudia wse@ectc.gr .

For info on booking a stand regulations at the AGORA market you may