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V. Annon, "World Options: Apocalypse or Resistance"

V annon writes:

"World Options: Apocalypse or Resistance"
V Annon

Too bad there is no radical press in the West

nor even a free press .

If there were then you would not read this here.

There would be many articles like this
in your local newspaper, TV and national magazines…

Too bad no one really reads and so very few are radical
or else there would be a market for such articles…

Alas…A Poem as Introduction:

Simulacra Replicators

We replicate the Simulacra that have now replaced the world,
the world that we humans have lived in for a million years.

Copy a Copy? Well, we want to decode it…
and it is so slippery that it can’t be copied .

It is almost like nothingness – or a singularity –

  is there at its center where it’s heart should be

And so it cannot be copied accurately.

How do you deconstruct a vacuum?

Stay tuned, and try and get your antennae working…

De-Coder Concepts To Be Covered:::

Brainwashing (Greenwashing) until there is a lack of meaning. That is how you brainwash people, you degrade them, isolate them, make them feel worthless, unimportant or powerless…

II. We should always be asking and talking about What Kind of World we want and How to Get There…

III.. To Make Sense You Have to Have Goals, Strategy, Tactics… that make sense and fit together in sensible ways (consistent with history, psychology and intuition).

IV. Most groups are all mixed up…


I. Goal: Simple World where everyone is low income and low impact and equality-oriented; valuing social capital (cohesion and education) and security through self reliance and cooperation.

II. Strategy: Guerrilla-ism, civil war, power plays…

III. Tactics…

IV. Wars, regions at war, war groups, allies and enemies…

V. USA to kill the world / Global warming Excuses…

VI. Defining Moments

VII. Reality Motivation – 100s of millions dead… billions soon.

VIII. Education Not Possible – takes too long…

I offer this for comment and education:

Please tell me what you like and what you hate.

It is not illegal to yell fire

in a theatre…



The way that most people have approached problems in the past is terribly flawed.

The greater concept of Speed always crates evil.

Nevertheless: The concepts of Time, Timing and Tipping Points must be studied fast!

Like global warming: no matter what we do horrific events are about to happen. Actually, the events would not be horrific if we responded correctly to them. Maximum efforts will do little to slow global warming or US mass murder/domination from happening. Preparing for these realities could alter the balance and disrupt the plans of the rich.

Instead of wasting billions of dollars and many years debating the inevitable, people opposed to these evils – people who care about the natural and human worlds – should fight now to allocate resources and effort to adapting to war, apocalyptic changes and the end of media, of global communication or even understanding and education...

                                      This is not a call to arms.

                      I am a call to truth and honesty.

            This a study of what is really going on in the world

and what the true options are.

The Messenger, like the solution to an equation, should not be blamed for the Message – anymore than you blame the solution of an equation for the variables or constants therein.

“The integral reality of power is also its end.

An integral power that is no longer one of prevention, dissuasion, security and control is a power that is symbolically vulnerable. It can no longer be brought into play and, finally, it turns on itself. It is this weakness, this internal failure of world power, which terrorism in its own way reveals, just like an unconscious angst is betrayed by a failed act.

This is properly speaking "the hell of power." September 11 thus appears from the point of view of power like a gigantic challenge in which world power lost face. And this war, far from taking up the challenge, will not erase the humiliation of September 11. There is something terrifying in the fact that this virtual world order can make its entry into "reality" with such facility.

The terrorist event was strange. It was an unbearable strangeness. As for the non-war, it inaugurates the worrying familiarity of terror... at the height of their coherence, the redoubled signs of the code are haunted by the abyss of reversal.”

  — Jean Baudrillard, Symbolic Exchange and Death


  In the Shade of the

  Simulacra Tree:

        Ethics, Thought & Options

                        For Global Civil War

From the pen of V-Annon , May 30

We were more, than this world offered. We lost ourselves.

We were meant to be… to last for so much longer

… so much more.

The depth of the brainwashing we now face is vast. We have become the reflection of the signs that we orbit around. According to Jean Baudrillard we cannot even recognize how fake everything is because we have no meaning. The spectacle of chaos and government evil does not shock people, for we are all of us, the spectacle now. (1.)

At this fateful time, some individuals speaking with wooden tongues sit behind desks in their air-conditioned offices and talk about these issues. This is inappropriate and wrong. I advise that no one exert pressure on those partisans who struggle, bearing in mind that the smoke has not cleared from the ferocious battles of Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Chechnya and the mega-city slums where humanity’s fate decides… (Lagos, Mogadishu, Mumbai, Rio, Caracas, Guayaquil,… Dacca).

Those who will resist the wars that are the inevitable result of climate catastrophe must define how to make sense of the world, the methods of resistance and what the end of the world means.

These will define humanity’s legacy and how the end of this modern era is remembered.


I had a dream, one that I think I have had before. But I don’t usually remember my dreams; they just merge and flow along with my life. It was dark, as usual, and murky, but the faces. The faces were very distinct on the people in the dream. They were clear and sure, though they were also grim.

The sky was bright and open wide, but around the people it was like a tunnel, a tunnel of darkness.

Then young people with bandanas and leather jackets were spray-painting walls in a ruined city. And they painted Hummers and other people too.

It looked like they were painting:



                        UK US KILL WORLD US Kill US

                                UK USA TO KILL THE WORLD



                                                    US Kill US US US Ussssssss

                                                                We are Dead to You… But We Are


The second part of the dream was weirder. A furtive group of anarchist women were moving through alleyways and then they ran out of a building with two suitcase nuclear bombs.

Resolute, they stand on a huge Antarctic ice shelf. The explosions happen suddenly. Purple mushroom clouds flash out and up against a darkening sky.

The last fragment that I remember is of all kinds of animals attacking richly dressed people, chewing on their legs and poking out their eyes…

I wonder if it is legal to blow up the ice caps.

Is there law in Antarctica?

Depending on how big the bombs were and where the heat was concentrated, the sea levels of the world could rise by five to twenty feet in a decade and even a hundred feet in fifty years. (2.)

“I’ll stop the world, and melt with you…
I made a pilgrimage to save this human race
Never comprehending a race that long gone by…”

                                          – Nouvelle Vague (For, Modern World)

            Clocks and bombs are a ticking… so

What kind of world should we want?

How do we get there?
How long does it take?

Will it be the same world – or will we want the same world –
after the long and terrible struggle that we face?

What are the barriers? What might stop the needed change?


Will the Rapture come before the apocalypse?
What if the change doesn’t happen?

Is there a think tank of any kind out there that deals with the real world?
Are they hiring prophetic analysts?

          Abre Los Ojos – Open your Eyes Anyone?

There have been two defining moments in the last two-hundred and thirty years:

The US Nuclear Attack on Japan and the Al Qaeda 911 Twin Towers Attack on The US. The third and final significant event will be a nuclear attack on the US or on Antarctica. (3.)


To make sense one has to identify some things:

1. The Goal: Where you hope to go in the long-run and in the medium term (these can be slightly or more different, but they have to make sense!)

2. A Strategy for Achieving Your Goal (s).

3. Tactics that Can Support Your Strategy

Most educated or activist-oriented people know that they have been programmed or influenced by many things. They see the world — the problem — wrong (slightly gringo, Middle Class or worse). Most groups or ideologies have their goals, strategies and tactics all poorly defined or all mixed up.

                      The Reality Equation

If you put all of the problems, the unknowns (psychological and event-dynamic complications) and the negative feedback loops together when analyzing the world, the results that you get are so painful that most people quit half-way. This doesn’t help us, the world or you much.

The result of looking at all of the world’s problems – and the added factor of time – makes our choices for education, communication and action extremely difficult because they are limited. You have to tell people that a terrible war is coming, a War of Survival.

Which side will you be on?

As far as I can tell there are only five people that the world can turn to for guidance in this global civil war: Hugo Chavez; Osama bin Laden; Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad; Felipe Quispe and me or the next President of the USA. (4.)

It’s not hard to figure out what our choices are for resistance and rebellion. Or what kind of world we want. We want the possible and the workable. We cannot want prosperity – that is impossible – at least a prosperity measured in the old values.

The history of humans is one of increasing impoverishment: first of the natural world and peace; then of material needs and wants; and now a lack of meaning, purpose and anything clean, simple or sustainable.

What the World Resistance needs most of all is a structure – a methodology – for making sense, for determining what has radical potential and thus deserves support or respect. If we keep putting the cart (utopia) before the horse (motion/action/tactics) then eventually we will get run over by the momentum of our own and other actions. (5.)


                        IN A SIMULACRA WORLD?

                      Can One Alter the Fantasy?

Can One Blast a Hole in It?

Maybe I can be a wacky political mime, a silent scream of refusal.

I could stand on street corners in France or New York and have a sign on the ground with some money scattered on a scarf, a purple scarf.

The sign invites: “HELP YOUR SELF!”

Some other trinkets and everyday products could also be available by the scarf for barter or gifts.

As I posed with my face painted and my lips sewn shut, I could present some one-or-two word signs (Small Ones) in my hands as I stand there smiling in makle-up and expression.

I could have signs like:


Or maybe have the USA in one palm and in the other hand have:

OBLITERATES. …Or vice versa…

I want to do something like that, but maybe one more stab at using
words or the dreams.

      Layers and Levels of Making Sense:

                    An Incomplete Analysis:

First, I want to define what makes sense – what making sense is — and what does not make sense. I do this aware that it could be used against me – my writing.

Sometimes we may feel like the person we are talking to is not making sense, when in fact they just see and feel things differently. If your values, perspective and upbringing are different enough from someone else then they may not see things as you do. They may not make sense the way you do. But really no one makes sense unless they have a methodology and define things clearly. Together we could agree on the goals, strategies and process of a revolution. But this is not happening consciously.


We have to share a planet.

We have common experiences and maybe our dreams are archetypal. But we all perceive things, like EVERYTHING, at least slightly significantly differently. I am born in the winter, you in the summer. I was nineteen when the Vietnam War ended, you were thirty-nine or forty-two or seven. I’m British you are Mexican. And history, though important in its lessons, it cannot really be understood – or the people and the humanity cannot – since so many meanings, experiences and feelings would be so different for them. And for us too.

But here I am, trying to write the final comprehensive – TRUTH – essay. The one that sums up my torturous and lengthy studies; the “Who I Am” thing.

See, I really think I was supposed to be a gardener–artist, living somewhere mellow, somewhere really beautiful. Sadly, for me but lucky for the rest of you lazy Sloths (and Goths), I like to read and so I learned a lot. And I was always good at asking questions, like Socrates…

Or like the questions Socrates (or Gandhi) asked himself.

Believe it or not, I spent decades asking and searching for answers to ever more questions. All of which no one could answer. I am sorry though that academia and Western knowledge are just so crude and useless for the crises we face. We in the West don’t like to think or probe. It has long been a joke in Europe that people in the USA can’t think about more than one concept, one item at a time. Trained by Wall Mart, no doubt, and accentuated (in-bred?) by the tragic mis-education of single issue campaigning (forests, oceans, Enviro-racism, human rights…) so prevalent in the West.
For wealthy people, the images in the Children of Men movie are instructive… For revolutionaries, motivation should come from the images of the hundreds of millions of people (soon billions) who die each decade because the rich or the corrupt won’t help them.

There ARE (!) answers to the important questions.

I feel them inside of some of you and in many people who know that the world has gone very wrong. We – the Western World Elite — had to do something about Global Warming twenty or thirty years ago. Now our economic and the West’s materialistic model spread like the worst disease imaginable. And it will get much worse – wait and see.

I – the “should have been a gardener-artist” — am now a prophet, a fool, both – or else sure to become a forgotten martyr. I mean that I am bound to offend someone (maybe everyone) with my truths – the results of my studies and thoughts.

Making Sense:

All of Your Senses and Your Heart

You can’t do communication until you understand education. You can’t do education until you know what kind of world you want – and probably how you will get there. These are the secrets that the elite and the academics keep from us and use to their devious ends.

The goals are simple:

A very low income, sustainable rural development model (no private cars, few petrochemicals and an aversion to technology) that engages a widening circle of people in all decisions. A third of the world still lives somewhat like this model and only need a bit of help and a lot less hierarchy to be sustainably happy.

Hugo Chavez promotes most of this program and this message, but he, like most leaders, is afraid to tell people that they will not be prosperous and that they will have to fight and sacrifice for their future. Quite possibly, most Venezuelans will have to die in order to stop the US from seizing their oil and coal. (6.)

The strategy for accomplishing these goals is determined by the time available for action: a few precious years. I am almost glad that we have so little time left in order to establish a sane world. If we had more time then we would have to sit around and listen to all of the lame green and lefty technology worshippers.

Time is short and education of the masses is not possible, so it seems that only guerrilla-ism remains. (7. ) Groups acting on their own or for foreign governments and movements will steadily escalate their attacks on US people, US corporations and government apparatus. Attacks can be expected in the energy sectors and against financial and population centers.

More sophisticated groups may target US allies or puppets like Mexico or Germany in hopes of creating cascading chaos directed at the global economy, the US or its allies.

One way to gauge whether you are making sense is if every other analysis (or plan) makes less sense. And since no one will defend any other plan, well… We need to talk. We need to dream…

Reality Bites

The USA is already trying to kill as many people as it can get away with. Soon, media of any kind will be meaningless and no longer a factor for a long while. Like it was in Europe in 1939-44 or 1945, when like 9-11 the US nuclear attack on Japan stopped the world and changed everything. Now we approach the last Moment of Discussion.

The Empire is patient, confident, and secure. They collect information and prepare; they confuse and keep people thinking in circles or sideways as they build up their final arsenals.

Learned and logical people draw silly conclusions pretending that the next – or especially the final – war will be like others or like the last war. In fact, each proceeding war is usually quite different than the previous because risk-takers learn from their mistakes. And they employ new technologies, usually related to speed (See Paul Virilio; Speed and Politics: An Essay on Dromology New York: Semiotext(e), 1977 [1986]). (9.)

The US had to spend a great deal of money in Iraq, it ran low on troops, smart missiles etc… So, the US won’t fight another war – or won’t fight another one like that.

No, instead it will blast their enemies into oblivion with ninety-nine percent collateral damage and zero remaining important infrastructure! Then it is all over and they do not have to spend much more – or lose many more troops – if any! Garrison forces can secure what is valuable and clean up some of the bodies.

High level traitors and large desertions (on either side) are the only significant dynamics.

They – Our Owners and Overlords – make the best use of their possession of the great global media conglomerates to gauge their enemies and what tricks will work on the public. And thus they learn more about the strength and determination of their allies too!

But when they are forced to move directly and totally – to eliminate all enemies at once – then media, education and public opinion will be meaningless – maybe even history… too.

Interestingly, the type of development program that intelligent countries will move toward is also the defense strategy that would make them most survivable against US nuclear or large scale bombings. This program incorporates: dispersed rural development, low income expectations and decentralized decision-making. Few countries will achieve a dispersed development and localization economics in enough time to benefit. (10.)

  “Why not have your nuclear bombs in your briefcase? All of these policies that America upholds, nuclear weapons, privatization, all of these things are going to mutate and metamorphosis into these dangerous things.” — Arundhati Roy

    Three Possible Directions the World Will Take:


Robots; Singularities; Artificial Intelligence:
The Impossibility of Higher Consciousness


Probability: ten percent; Arrival Date: 2030-2050.

The rich develop compassion and great technology and share it with the ten billion people who will soon inhabit the world. Nature is mostly eliminated, but development is kept clean enough to protect the atmosphere and reduce toxins in the environment.

For decades, as the technologies are fully developed and installed, many people go crazy from overcrowding and stress. Many will kill themselves as in Japan, Russian alcoholism, or US drunk driving. (11. )


USA Kills Eighty to Ninety Percent of the World.
The Final Solution; The Inevitable Rapture of Empire

Probability: eighty to ninety percent; Arrival Date: 2020-2030.

Global problems spin out of control: global warming, drought, war, disease; water shortages and probably some kind of nuclear exchange. Whether the US is the first to go nuclear or the second is not important, the result will be the same: the USA will use nuclear – mostly neutron - weapons against most of the world’s population in order to restore The Peace. A related scenario is that the USA cuts China in on the deal. The possible drawback is that China and Russia may collude to launch a first strike at the USA.


The Messiah or the Mahdi on the White Horse with Gabriel Next to Her Side

Nuclear Weapons Used on the US or the Ice Caps Soon

Probability five percent; Arrival Date: before 2015. (12. )


A majority of nations to press immediately for a much stronger UN and the disarmament of the USA, Russia, China and India.

People around the world protest and shut down the global economy in the next five years and demand a low income, sustainable alternative with global annual incomes for everyone around one thousand dollars a year.

Both of these have been deemed impossible because there is no historical, political or psychological precedent. Nor is there a model of such actions to emulate. Also there does not seem to be enough time for this to happen before global warming or other real or manufactured crises strike and trigger Scenario “ II.”

Something like Scenario I or II will almost certainly happen. It’s like global warming: no matter what we do, these things will happen and even our maximum efforts will do little to slow global warming or US mass murder/domination from happening. The concepts of Time, Timing and Tipping Points must be studied fast! Instead of wasting billions of dollars and many years debating the inevitable, people opposed to these evils – people who care about the natural and human worlds – should fight now to allocate resources and effort to adapting to war, apocalyptic changes and the end of media – of global communication or even understanding and education... (14. ).

"The real threat to U.S. military power is nuclear proliferation, because if every little country has nuclear weapons it becomes very tricky for the United States to engage in military action." -- Immanuel Wallerstein::: Summary:::

Thus ends Part I: In the Shade of the Simulacra Tree.

We have sought to describe how:

Brainwashing and Greenwashing are so pervasive that little of anything (except a narrow sense of your self) has meaning; We should always be talking about What Kind of World We Ought to Want and How to Get There;
To Make Sense You Have to Have Goals, Strategy, Tactics… that make sense and fit together in sensible ways (consistent with history, psychology and intuition).

  Most groups are all mixed up; The Goals Are Simple; The Strategy is: Guerrilla-ism, civil war, power plays; the Tactics are…; Wars and regions at war will spread; the USA plans to kill most of the world by taking advantage of Global Warming Excuses; There have been Defining Moments in History; Media and Education Will Soon Be Moot; and the Reality Motivator Should be The hundreds of millions of poor people who will soon be dead because the West is so greedy…

The billions who await the same fate… or worse.

… The End of Nature and Humanity.

In Part Two we address:

Psychology, Fear, Unreality, Prediction, The Questions that are well-answered, Where Resistance will come from, Speed/Hectic-ness, Who has killed whom, Plans of the Pentagon (goons), Strategies of Resistance and Designing Countries to Survive Apocalyptic Climate Change and Imperialism.



    Why Is Talking or Thinking So Hard?

                                                      Is it Fear, Is It Trauma?

Sometimes I can’t tell if I am really alive or in some kind of dream…

“Sometimes I think the world is divided into those who have a comfortable relationship with power and those who have a naturally adversarial relationship with power.”

  -- Arundhati Roy


There is a deeper debate going on – one that none of us can explain – it’s about the difficulty of education and communication and how scarred and crippled we all are.

It’s about the edge of the world where phenomenology and the subconscious interact – and it haunts us – our every move…

Extensive Footnotes and Related Arguments are Available by Request:

Footnote Tease::
1.). Jean Baudrillard: Information can tell us everything. It has all the answers. But they are answers to questions we have not asked, and which doubtless don't even arise.
http://www.stanford.edu/dept/HPS/Baudrillard/Baudr illard_Simulacra.html

Debord and the Situationists also wrote much along the lines of Baudrillard and the Spectacle.
(2.). Seal Level Rises in Next 5-20 years
"If the past is any indication of the future, then the ice shelf will collapse. If the ice shelf goes, then what about the West Antarctic Ice Sheet? What we've learnt from the Antarctic Peninsula is when once buttressing ice sheets go, the glaciers feeding them move faster and that's the thing that isn't so cheery."

Antarctica stores 90 per cent of the world's water, with the West Antarctic Ice Sheet holding an estimated 30 million cu km. In January, British Antarctic Survey researchers predicted that its collapse would make sea levels rise by at least 5m, with other estimates predicting a rise of up to 17m.

Mr. Naish, a sedimentologist with the Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences, said the team was retrieving a detailed history of the ice shelf. "We know from the Larsen Ice Shelf (which collapsed on the Antarctic Peninsula in 2002) that they go extremely quickly," he said.

Recent IPCC Reports have generally supported these possibilities.

The third and final significant event will be a nuclear attack on the US or on Antarctica.

(3.). 1776 marked the end of unquestioned colonial monarchies. 1945 marked the end of innocence and the Ascension of the USA to the throne of Empire.

If no one stops the Empire then there will be no more defining moments in history – unless you count the end of humanity as an event.

There is one other defining moment when the fate of the world hung in the balance: Stalingrad.

(4. ). Guidance in Global Civil war …
Subcommandante Marco of the Zapatistas, Bill Gates (Microsoft), Jimmy Carter (Habitat Humanity) and many more people (Walden Bello, Arundati Roy…) probably know enough about the real crises facing humanity for them to speak out, but they will not or else they will continue to speak in riddles and poems (only!).

(6. ). The US must deny its enemies - or potential enemies - access to oil and or oil revenues. It’s about power as much as it access to fossil fuels for the US.

(7.). The US thought perhaps that it could do better than the USSR did in Afghanistan and in Iraq. But now it has learned its lesson that 4 GW insurgencies can sustain themselves and outlast the invaders.

Only Guerrilla-ism: Clarification: What is presented here and throughout the essay is a globalist perspective. The reality of the world is what we seek to describe. Guerrilla-ism is not necessarily what we want to say or present… or advocate. But if you accept that education and politics tend to be long term activities – or hopes – then all that remains is guerrilla-ism - Other than surrendering to the madness and the genocide/ecocide!

Education never ends, it’s just that it has a bad record (negative I would say!). The changes in the world seem to be doing a better job of educations than all of the many billons spent by environmental groups and other big spenders.

Guerrilla-ism is certainly not something we want to advocate, it’s illegal to do so in many places. We are just observing the world and what people might choose to do. In many countries politics and radical change are still possible. But in the West – the developed countries – the only thing other than guerrilla-ism that seems to have any promise is to attack the do-gooder Liberal and eco groups in order to convince people to stop giving them single dime and instead send much more money to the South – to Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and to groups there who advocate sustainability and preparing for climate catastrophe and war.

(9. ). Virilio, Paul; Speed and Politics: An Essay on Dromology. New York: Semiotext(e), 1977 [1986]

(10.) MY FAVORITE QUOTE From The 11 Generals::: CAN Corporation: www.can.org

“For many years it was believed that climate changes have been gradual—that the earth gradually cycles between glacial periods and warm interglacial periods.

We now know this is not always the case.”

Abrupt climate changes present the most worrisome scenario for human societies because of the inherent difficulties in adapting to sudden changes. Abrupt sea level rise is particularly worrisome. The great ice sheets along the edges of Greenland and the West Antarctic are vulnerable to sudden breakup: as the edges of the sheet thaw and meltwater seeps to the ice-ground boundary, the meltwater will act as a lubricant and facilitate a slippage into the sea. This physical phenomenon is an example of a positive feedback mechanism that, once started, is difficult to reverse [15]. Melting of these ice sheets would be catastrophic. The Greenland Ice Sheet could raise sea levels by twenty-three feet over a millennium [7]; the West Antarctic Ice Sheet would have a more immediate impact, raising sea levels more than three feet per century for five centuries [41]. The probability of a collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet before 2100 is estimated to be between 5 and 10 percent [7].

None of these abrupt climate changes are projected by the climate models driven by the IPCC’s 2007 future scenarios. However, if temperature increases were at the high end of the ranges projected by the models, abrupt climate changes such as those discussed above are more likely to occur. Such abrupt climate changes could make future adaptation extremely difficult, even for the most developed countries.

http://www.climate.org/PDF/clim_change_scenario.pd f
The report explores how such an abrupt climate change scenario could potentially de-stabilize the geo-political environment, leading to skirmishes, battles, and even war due to resource constraints such as:
Food shortages due to decreases in net global agricultural production ;
Decreased availability and quality of fresh water in key regions due to shifted precipitation patters, causing more frequent floods and droughts;
Disrupted access to energy supplies due to extensive sea ice and storminess
As global and local carrying capacities are reduced, tensions could mount around the world, leading to two fundamental strategies: defensive and offensive. Nations with the resources to do so may build virtual fortresses around their countries, preserving resources for themselves. Less fortunate nations especially those with ancient enmities with their neighbors, may initiate in struggles for access to food, clean water, or energy.

Unlikely alliances could be formed as defense priorities shift and the goal is resources for survival rather than religion, ideology, or national honor.
With at least eight abrupt climate change events documented in the geological record, it seems that the questions to ask are: When will this happen? What will the impacts be? And, how can we best prepare for it? Rather than: Will this really happen?
Are we prepared for history to repeat itself again?
There is a debate in newspapers around the globe today on the impact of human activity on climate change. Because economic prosperity is correlated with energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, it is often argued that economic progress leads to climate change. Competing evidence suggests that climate change can occur, regardless of human activity as seen in climate events that happened prior to modern society.

The struggling nations that have been Denied Democracy By US (and its friends and puppets) or abused to the point where they have suffered trying to restore themselves:
Guatemala, Haiti, Grenada, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Ukraine, Chechnya, Chile, Nicaragua, Colombia, Vietnam, Korea, Greece, Brazil, Somalia, Eritrea, and many more or more are planned!

Worth Reading:

"Beyond Postmodernism? Paul Virilio's Hypermodern Cultural Theory" by John Armitage
"Cyberwar, God and Television", Interview With Louise Wilson
"Popular Defense in the Empire of Speed: Paul Virilio and the Phenomenology of the Political Body" by Jason Adams
Game Of Love & Chance: A discussion with Paul Virilio, by Jérôme Sans
Retrieved from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Virilio.

"...at the height of their coherence, the redoubled signs of the code are haunted by the abyss of reversal." — Jean Baudrillard, Symbolic Exchange and Death

“People are so isolated, and so alone, and so suspicious, and so competitive with each other, and so sure that they are about to be conned by their neighbor, or by their mother, or by their sister, or their grandmother. What's the use of having fifty percent of the world's wealth, or whatever it is that you have, if you're going to live this pathetic, terrified life?” — Arundhati Roy