Radical media, politics and culture.


Down to capitalism and the states Stop the wars of America and Israel Bring down the leaders and authority Liberate humanity from money and law End the killing and end to poverty Start the revolution now

Fight than bow Revolution in the Making 1) How to make a revolution wherever you are, if the time for it is ripe and whenever the necessary objective conditions exist. 2) Capitalism means mass misery and universal suffering. 3) The meta-theory – Communist-Individualist-anarchy and the socio-universal anarcho-revolution. 4) The citizens are weak, brainwashed, frightened of everything, i.e., in total alienation. They are lead by their masters like slaves/herds ordering them towards their own voluntary enslavement. 5) The revolutionary personality – thought and action – social stimulator and process accelerator – revolutionary catalysis. 6) Post-economic anti-politics – against political economy and for revolutionary anarchy. 7) The capitalist state – classes – oppression, poverty and war. 8) Nationalism, religion and ideology are the base for the national-capitalist-state. 9) The unarmed anarcho-social revolution. 10) An anarcho-social revolution for a fast transformation of society from capitalism to anarchy. 11) The people are not ready yet, those at the internet behave as petty-bourgeois individuals/surfers and the leftists amongst them need much more dedication than that. People are not yet consciously developed enough at this stage; it seems they need more time to be able of liberating and emancipating themselves and myself. A revolution you cannot do alone, you need the majority to need this radical transformation, but they still falsely believe that capitalism will satisfy their needs which obviously it is far from it. 12) Thus the conscious intervention of the anarchist, at every historical stage and in every country, the anarchic conscious is the highest form of human conscious and one day all the people are going to become extreme anarchists. Only an anarchic conscious and its implementation can bring about the liberation of the whole of humanity including each and every one of us everywhere. Anarchy will end this modern slavery and turn it into a full blown anarchy and freedom.

Practical application of the anarcho-social revolutionary theory

Step 1 – Theoretico-practical revolutionary communication amongst all individuals, locally and exter-nationally – this means talking to all the people from around the world and planning for the anarchic revolution in all its 12 dimensions. Step 2 – If you are not with the oppressed then you are with the oppressor, if you are not against authority then you agree with it, and having money and work makes you even more stupid. This world is fucked because of the capitalist systems and all its boring infra-structures which cause only misery, violence and class/ethnic discrimination. Step 3 – Revolutionary coordination for the direct dismantling of the state (self-managed self-determination) and revolutionary synchronization for the abolishment of capitalism (material decentralization and total distribution) and instead of ideology, morality, religion, ethics, etc, to create a communist individualist anarchist universe. Step 4 – Creating the objective conditions necessary for the immediate expansion of conscious and the massive contribution/distribution of revolutionary knowledge for the material transformation of humanity swiftly from capitalist scarcity to anarchic abundance, from an economy of demand to an anti-economy of gift. Step 5 – The rejection of middle class reactionary values and despise of bourgeois existence with its neo-conservative appearance leads to a revolution for the freedom of equals without wages (modern slaves) and without being exploited. Step 6 – All the people will unite under one banner, all people of the world want to live in dignity and in liberty, so lets all start our revolution, lets bring down capitalism and all the states in the world and create in there places a world we all can live in as free and happy people for ever after.

The wrong human brain The human brain is thinking wrong – this is one of the stages in its development – the slow development of the human brain in its historico-evolutionary prospective. What remains is the issue of class, private ownership of the social means of production, natural resources and ownership of the land. As a result of the objective law-governed development of the human brain, there will come a time when the brain develops into a sufficient conscious level as to allow it a radical social transformation and emancipation. The social conscious required for the anarchic revolution is soon to become apparent everywhere. It is the final stage in the capitalist development and it is the end of capitalist advancement. Profit is theft. First we had slavery then it became nationalism and now we have the final stage of bourgeois advanced capitalism, with its states and technology, but even that will not help the system from its determined fall and collapse like a tiger made of cupboard. Now it’s a time for constant transformation, from the primitive brain to a more modern one, so we could learn how to live with one another without classes and hierarchies. We need a higher conscious so we could end the system and offer something else instead which is more humane and more just and equal. We need a new kind of brain and we need people who have a genuine knowledge so everyone could share and learn it too, for the sake of being free of capitalism and its worldwide catastrophes.