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Anarchy in my life time

The revolution of my daily life If you believe in capitalism, the state and religion and you believe that we cannot do without them, then you are still below the intelligence requirement necessary for a conscious comprehension and for a free social association. If you believe in ideology, politics and organization and think that we cannot exist without them and if you also believe in hierarchy, leaders and authority then you are still stuck in a retarded historical conditioning. If you believe that the nature of wo/man are selfish and that we cannot live without money and private/state accumulation of capital, then you are just another mini zombie within a system which is totally controlling you and completely enslaving your body/mind without you even knowing it. And if you fear anarchy and think that its chaos and if you hate equality because you don’t want others to feel good then you are a nasty anti-human person who deserves what he gets in the form of the up coming extreme social revolution.