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GNU/Linux Audio Workshop NYC April 8th

GNU/Linux Audio Workshop

The August Sound Coalition presents, the first GNU/Linux audio workshop
of the year in the new studio. Details are at this link. Please forward
to your friends or anyone you think will be interested


Our first GNU/Linux audio workshop will be held this Saturday, April 8th
at 1PM. The address is 7 Clifford Place in Greenpoint. That's Brooklyn.
Take the L train to Bedford or the G to Nassau.

The topics will include:

What is Ubuntu? What is GNU? What is Linux? Why three words instead of one?

Key differences from proprietary systems. Bennefits and Detriments.

The Gnome Desktop.

The Jack Audio Connection Kit.

Compatible Hardware.

Simple recording with Alsaplayer, Jack and QArecord.

Simple recording with live input, Jack and QArecord.

Online Resources.