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Danilo D'Antonio, "GNP Against GNP"

Danilo D'Antonio writes:

"GNP Against GNP

Danilo D'Antonio

Kind Madames and Sirs,

I present you my best and warmest regards.

I'm writing in order to humbly ask you to address your attention on the fact that today the economic systems of the developed Countries have a strongly military valence, of defense and attack, that predominates and misleads a correct economic function, directed to satisfy the legitimate necessities of a people in a perfect interaction with the rest of the world.

I humbly ask you to consider the fact that the growth of the Gross National Product (GNP) is today the only way officially granted to a Nation (after that the wars between greater States have become impossible because of the advent of the nuclear armaments) in order to maintain within balanced levels the pressure, equally economic, that every other Country turns against it.

By pursuing the increase of the GNP, governments try not so much to satisfy real inner economic requirements, they try instead to avoid the real danger of an invasion, may be at first even only commercial, and of a successive total oppression of one's own Country by whichever other Country that was reached to successfully grow much more. It is a concrete danger, extremely present, that comes as well from the West as from the East, that perfectly explains why the governments stubbornly continue to pursue a growth of traditional kind, numerical and not qualitative, very beyond the limit that would be opportune.I think you will agree that the better way in order to stop a conflict (even a "soft war" like in this case, for now lead, yes, only with the arm of the economy, GNP against GNP, but that in every moment can terribly degenerate) is to conclude valid peace agreements. In this case, we should at first to conceive and then to stipulate pacts that comprise no more only the use of conventional armaments, like in the classic conflicts, but that they properly are of self-containment to the growth of a Country.

We need to institute appropriate norms and international commissions that establish the levels of the several types of development (economic but also demographic and technological, because as well an uncontrolled development of populations as much of the technologies have always devastating effects, because methodically used as arms of invasion) reachble by every Country and with objectivity hold under control the reached levels. Because the peace, like conceived today, is no more sufficient and we need to imagine wise ways in order to catch up a deeper peace, more solid and tenacious.

Without the stipulation of these pacts, even the persons endowed with the better good sense, that today nourish the maximum respect, a feeling of deep love for the natural environment and for their human brothers, cannot be able to avoid to reach lastly to tread over all and all people, to exaust and to pollute every resource, to violate every right and to forget every duty, also to kill without the minimal hesitation, in order to not see their own beloveds, themselves and the people to which they more feel to belong, victims of a slaughter, of an extermination, by those people who will have taken the clear predominion on the others.

Therefore I pray you to consider the correctness of this vision, and, in the case you agreed, to help it to emerge to the public attention. Without the awareness that we already are in war, that the economy is used like an arm, as well in order to save ourselves as well in order to assault, right agreements of peace, precisely: agreements of self-containment to growth, cannot be born, and without these pacts the great part of humanity cannot find a salvation, may be the same whole Earth too.

Through the self-containment agreements every thing will go to its place by itself, without not even much hard work, and whatever are our peculiar interests, whatever are our worries: human rights, work rights, protection of the evironment, equal opportunities, etc. etc. etc. we will be widely satisfied. Without these pacts all will go instead in ruin with as much facility, because the economic conflict, and with it the destruction of our world and human degeneration, will not interrupt itself till when the majority of mankind will be routed, physically eliminated by winners.

Could every moment of our life, therefore, to give great energies towards the attainment of these pacts of self-containment to growth. No other activity could be healthier and saving for everyone till this aim will not have been stablily caught up.

With gratefulness,

Danilo D'Antonio

Eudaemony Laboratory
Via Fonte Regina, 23
64100 Teramo - Italy

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