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Total Freedom & Material Equality

This is not an attack but neither is it defense this only highly recommended I am not here to please or comfort you, I am not here to entertain you (boredom), and I am not here to waste time when time is money. I am here for one reason alone, to use all platforms available for the stimulation of a spontaneous social revolution on a global scale arising out of each one’s inner self-awareness and anarchic convictions. Soon there will remain nothing to save, the human misery is ripe everywhere, the pains are horrendous; ignoring this human suffering makes you an accomplice to these capitalist crimes against humanity. Without organization and no parties or elections, no hierarchy or ideological movements of leaderships, just Anarchy where all are equal and free without law or authority. All we want is to live as humans, free, healthy and happy and this is impossibility under capitalism or its cousin socialism, only anarchy can really and practically achieve this hope. The exact vicious reverse conditions exists, capitalism is marching towards its own self-annihilation taking everyone with it and the whole environment. Planet earth is chalking on its capitalist vomit, humanity is desperate and is getting much worse by the hour, we are on the verge of the biggest revolution human history has ever known, a mega-revolution beyond anyone’s wildest imagination and it will take place right here underneath your nose. So debates are over, the explaining is over, any one who has not yet understood want understand anything never, unless of course we join efforts. Writing is not a social event but a theory of action, the intellect on his own is impotent as emotions on its own are debilitating. You are angry at me because I am telling you to revolt not to debate or chat about it, discussing will be good after the revolution not before it, we need to act now and talk later if you want a socio-anarchic revolution in the here and now. We must learn from Bakunin how to cause a spontaneous revolution anywhere where you care to be, i.e., at the right place and at the right time, spatio-temporal synchronicity. We are post-dialectal, post-contradictions; we are post-Judo-Christian-Muslim Capitalism we are for an anarchic global post-national revolution. Free-association and self-determination, self-managed universal application, ungovernable and fully conscious is what anarchy is all about, nothing else. As I said indifference is as being an accomplice, you cannot ignore the outcry of humanity and pretend that isn’t there, you must react, you act as though there is no tomorrow. To be an anarchist is not just writing clever criticism and analysis, it is much more and don’t forget that the internet is capitalism too and capitalism is the dictatorship of capital. So we are living under capitalism whilst trying to create anarchism to replace it and this can be achieved by activating the oppressed worldwide under one revolutionary banner, material equality and total freedom – The Anarchic Revolution.