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universal revolution

I say, the time for words are over and if you still have any doubt that capitalism is very anti-human and anti-planet then step aside and let us liberate ourselves without you. Humanity will rise up eventually and free itself from ideology and authority and the question has never been if the revolution will happen but when it will happen and where it will start at more than one place at once. We must be on the fore front of the liberation process and this means to liberate ourselves from the tyranny of capitalism and get rid of the state and religion and all ideology. People will soon realize that there is only one solution, that there is only one way out of this massive universal personal and collective misery and it is the anarcho-communist individualist social revolution activated by human emancipation. Join us in the revolution and emancipation or buzz off, we don’t need a dictatorship to be free, we don’t need money and authority to be happy, we don’t need war and poverty to be creative, what we need is exactly the contrary. The abolishment of the system and the creation of total material equality called freedom. Capitalism like communism is authoritative and hierarchic – The state, god and class must be abolished – Ideology and power must be destroyed and society radically transformed to a more humane level of existence called anarchy