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infinite brain in an ifinite universa

Infinite brain in an infinite universe

Infinite brain – like mine – can absorb, comprehend and analyze infinite amount of knowledge and information from when the whole thing started (the big bang theory) to the end of the universe – the meta-galaxy. Infinite neural connections in the largest brain know yet in relation to the weight of its body in the universe. The problem is that most people don’t know how to use their infinite capacity. All the authorities in his-story did not want to develop their citizen’s brains and we know exactly why? So the brain needs advancement to a higher conscious level which is within reach and can climb much higher. Don’t look for excuses and apologies for your corrupt thoughts and misleading ideas. Don’t make a dichotomy out of truth; the truth is always obvious as the sun and millions of ants can dissolve a glass ball and much more than this. So please trust your knowledge and go on with the prognostication. Fear nothing and everything is always known – all it takes is learning and a developing brain from ignorance to a post-chaotic Anarchic Brain and Emotion. My mind/brain operate on a more than eleven dimensions simultaneously and most of the time and a peeing ant on the moon with a brain the size of a coconut can understand the infinity of the universe and also have the ability to slightly effect it and participate in the dance of light/dark and anti-matter which are moving away from each other in an eternal void. e=mc3 +/- 3ac