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capitalism as human tragedy

No, now you are going to be happy and free at the hands of anarchy:

It is you who is living in the modern dark ages now, having a mobile or a computer does not make you much more advanced than the apes and that is only according to your behavior in and around your cave.

No it is no good being an anarcho-capitalist too, you cannot be half capitalist and half anarchist, anarchy is like love you cannot have half of it.

From a primitive Anarcho-Communism 30.000 years ago through a transformative historico-evolutionary deviation that started 5000 BC up to now. The next stage is of course modern Anarcho-Communism, from say 2015 onwards. Capitalism is an artificial cruel manifestation which is maintained by wealthy leaders who wish for ever to rule us and all generations, well, we will not allow them this of course but the contrary we shell destroy the grounds upon which corrupt feet stand. Capitalism is used by the ruling class to manipulate, exploit and abuse our instinct of survival thus enslaving us all unless we rebel of course. Once this violent intimidation and aggression disappears, once this imposed coercion and oppression disappears, capital, the law, hierarchy and the state will disappear with it too. Human nature is what we make it to be and we are also the masters of our destinies so too we can design and chose any future we wish to see. Freedom for all and equity for all is the only way to a universal happiness and anarcho--cosmic creation.