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Subcomandante Marcos, "The Fourth World War"

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The 4th World War

By Subcomandante Marcos

The following text is an excerpt from a talk given by
Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos of the Zapatista Army
for National Liberation (EZLN) to the International
Civil Commission of Human Rights Observation in La
Realidad, Chiapas, Mexico, on November 20, 1999.

Translated by irlandesa
The Restructuring of War

As we see it, there are several constants in the
so-called world wars, in the First World War, in the
Second, and in what we call the Third and Fourth.

One of these constants is the conquest of territories
and their reorganization.

If you consult a map of the world you can see that
there were changes at the end of all of the world
wars, not only in the conquest of territories, but in
the forms of organization. After the First World War,
there was a new world map, after the Second World War,
there was another world map.

At the end of what we venture to call the "Third World
War," and which others call the Cold War, a conquest
of territories and a re-organization took place. It
can, broadly speaking, be situated in the late 80's,
with the collapse of the socialist camp of the Soviet
Union, and, by the early 90's, what we call the Fourth
World War can be discerned.

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