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No one is free until the last one is free

The People of Freedom and Anarchy

There is no reason on earth why humanity should have suffered and still suffer because of a brutal money-making machine called capitalism. There is no reason whatsoever for a system of subjective and objective devastation to continue to exist as though all is well for the tormented and dispossessed poor (the majority). There is no reason why should the people continue and bear this permanent humiliation and daily anguish because few individuals who want to rule the world in the name of democracy for the rich and ugly. A capitalist system that caters only for the privileged well to do who are guilty of crimes against humanity, an elite that rob us of the water we drink and the land we walk and the food we eat. They sell us back our means of substance after producing it ourselves in the first place. They give us food vouchers in the name of wages and salaries which we receive for being exploited and cheated. Capitalism is a system that allows all dictatorial and power megalomaniac characters, which only capitalism encourages accomplishing their fiscal holocaust, it allows every sick personality to become the leader and become the representative of the corrupt ruling class the rich (initial capital accumulated from slave trade). I cannot find one reason why capitalism should not be toppled as soon as possible and in place of this colossal human nightmare a more humane anti-system (meta-system) will prevail. The worker and the unemployed, the homeless and the prisoner, the intellectual and the artist are all participating in this revolution, anarchists steer. Therefore I call from this article for an anarchic revolution to overthrow capitalism and destroy its protector the state. A social revolution that will liberate us from the yoke of fiscal fascism and financial Nazism, the dictatorship of the ruling class in the name of free market capitalism also known as material oppression of the rest of the people. An anarcho-social revolution that will put an end to alienation and dismantle this miserable consumer spectacle and relief the politicians and the rich from their fake power biased inclinations. Their profit is proportional to our misery, the richer they become the more desperate we are, until the lid is blown and the masses go on the march of their own liberation. But this time, me and you are present in this, it is our own lives that is at stake here, therefore reject all systems, alter the objective conditions, dismantle your subjective determinism and break the chains of slavery which will be your only loss but a whole cosmos to gain. No one is free until the last one is free

No fantasy but tomorrow's reality and it will not appear magically but intentionally by us the revolutionary people of the future. So if you don’t wish to contribute others are more than ready to do this and much more.

The perquisites for an Anarchic Social Revolution

1) The level of industrial and technological level, the highest is the better. 2) The level of individual conscious of the population, the more conscious the better. 3) Anarcho-theory is the meta-theory, anarchists is the highest conscious.

A) Capitalism = Antagonistic conflict = Permanent negation and opposition. B) Anarchism = Resolution of antagonism = Anti-conflict creation. C) Capitalism = Dialectical metaphysics = Today. D) Anarchism = Post-dialectical (meta-dialectical) equal materialism = Tomorrow. E) Materialism is good but dialectics and metaphysics is bad.

Anarchism is one millennium more advanced than Capitalism