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Revolutionary transformation of capitalism into anarchism

Revolutionary transformation of capitalism into anarchism

Human nature is anti-capitalist; human nature is anarchic and wants to be free.

By overthrowing capitalism we overthrow the state and religion, this will terminate ideology and nationalism. 1) Capitalism causes mental and physical disease and suffering. 2) Capitalism is the basis of violence and poverty. 3) Make capitalism history and the state too. 4) The poverty of capitalist way of living, the boredom of an organization. 5) The ugliness of capitalist society and environment, make the religious comeback his-story as well. 6) Make god and nationalism history, make money his-story, an end to global ignorance. 7) Capitalism maintains all the ills of the world and exasperates them and is directly responsible for all the mass suffering it reproduces in everyday life. 8) Capitalism is big and small prisons wherever you are, it destroys lives and nature everywhere and very fast and without mercy. 9) The business of domination, exploitation and mass oppression, is the business of calculating profit and expanding impoverishment. 10) Capitalism is an accumulated wealth by the few at the cost of eco-human destruction and colossal disaster.

If I was god and would have asked the devil to design the most horrific hell he could imagine, it would not be as horrific as capitalist reality today and as it was always.

Micro-capitalism = personal misery and despair. Macro-capitalism = social war and violent poverty.

The people of the world are the total victims of capitalist domination over a prolonged period of time.

1. Slavery = master = religion + private property. 2. Serfdom = feudal = religion + private property. 3. Worker = boss = politics + private property. 4. Capitalism = ideology = socialism = state/private property where property is theft. 5. Capitalist social relations are based solely on canning and deceit.

A – Primitive capitalism = barter and exchange. B – Mid-era capitalism = gold and trade. C – Modern capitalism = labor and revolt.

* Socialism = reformed capitalism * Capitalism = reformed socialism

By the destruction of capitalism we destroy misery and pain; we end for ever all human suffering and all the ills and violence, by simply turning all our creative efforts towards humanity and not to the accumulation of private profits. Lest relief humanity and nature from this imperial parasite called capitalism, capitalism is theft and exploitation of humans and natural resources for the benefit of the few alone. Capitalism causes mass hate and brutality resulting in suicide bombers too. On blood and sweat capitalism stretches its grabbing arms further and deeper till it devours all and everything; it has done that for centuries, first in the name of god/empire and now in the name of capital/democracy. Enough is enough, you cannot fuck the people all of the time, there will come a time when these people will rebel and get rid of this historic-quasi-evolutionary phenomenon. The biggest democracy is the most violent one; it creates wealth for the few at the expense of the rest and robbing nature bare thus destroying in unprecedented rate the geo-biological sphere. Disobey all authority and demolish all hierarchy – destroy the pyramids of organization and power – eliminate the state and political economy. We don’t want capitalism, we abhor it, and it is inhuman and should be stopped and transformed. We don’t want Marxism either, what we want is anarchy which connote lack of authority and lack of governance. Anarchy means complete equality and permanent freedom and an end to private ownership of labor, land and the means of production.