Radical media, politics and culture.



* Why – when – how – who – etc.

A. The West has the right objective conditions yet lacks the rebellious nature of the people, at present at least.

B. The East and South have masses of rebellious people but lack the objective conditions.

C. Anarchism like Communism has been stuck theoretically and practically for the last 200 years.

D. Revolutionary transformation of consciousness and its advancement of human faculties.

* Answers – solutions – post-dialectics – etc.

1. Why do I start with West (English), the global situation of the internet is obvious. In English for the West first because intellectually it is more advanced whilst the rest of the world has emotional superiority.

2. The mixture of a highly advanced emotion from the South and East with the very developed intellect of the West is the answer to 90% of all contemporary human problems.

3. Self-criticism and self-complementation on correct occasions alone guarantees permanent development in all fields.

4. You cannot make a penny or a cent without further destroying some other human lives.

5. Rapid accumulation of knowledge and its revolutionary transformation into social practice and preparedness for the revolution.

As to the readers of all sides of the ideological specter, please, just wait a second and comprehend before you respond, adjust yourselves to a totally new universal situation. Those of you who desire to rescue and save humanity from utter devastation should only lend a hand and coordinate this colossal task. Whereas to those readers who wish to maintain whatever authority and hierarchy from our ugly past should listen carefully to what I have to say because otherwise they are going to find themselves expelled from society on a trip. Likewise those who won't to maintain any sort of governance or statehood or capitalism under any banner, please listen, it might be the last time we say please give up peacefully so we would not have to use any force.

The majority of the people are in no position whatsoever to take back their right of self-determination; most people are deluded into voting believing that they are taking part in an equal and democratic process. Capitalism is democratic as in Greek it means power to the owners of Athens salves. Democracy is for the master not for the servant, democracy of the rulers over the ruled. What good democracy if you have no money to buy food? Finally here we are in the year 2005AD at exactly the same year 0005AD and 2005BC the situation of the individual has not changed an inch, what has changed are the gadgets of control. The social relations have not changed for the last 70000 years, why because the enslavement of another fellow human being remains and is live and kicking.

As always there is an urgent need for a major conscious leap into a future designed by humanity for the sake of living free and in dignity. No cults of leadership under whatever disguise, this time the revolution will not be as it was in the past, i.e., in the hands of Bolsheviks and authoritarian communists, but in the hand of the whole people who want to participate in the creation of their own destiny.