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The death of theory

The end of idealism The blind is leading the blind Philosophy as clinical psychiatry The death of philosophy Dull and frigid philosophers The impotence of capitalist thinkers Pedantic idealism Philosophers to the garbage YOUR FALL IS NEAR DEAR And the revolution is here to stay

Philosophers like scientists are dogmatic and very limited, they always serve the master. Philosophy is the religion of capitalism and science is metaphysical; the poverty of intellectual life. Afraid of freedom and concrete equality they bow to every idle and submit their critical thinking to the service of the empire that be. Confused by their own tautology and anxious about their ontological crises, they plunge into the formal and abstract. Well, this time there is no escape dear philosopher and scientist, because your hay days are few.

Termination of the capitalist system

1. By dismantling the army and police we dissolve the state and authority and thus no one will be capable of attacking or exploiting another. 2. By the cancellation of inheritance law and terminating private ownership of natural resources and the means of production, i.e., by the elimination of capitalist social relations and business our world turns into paradise and not hell. 3. The burning of money as an exchange value. 4. The ending of all laws and bourgeois morality thus terminating the hegemony of the ruling classes. 5. Capitalism is a physical and mental disease, a profitable disease for the few, its urgent cure is the uprooting the infected reactionary cyst called system control for the dictatorship of the rich. 6. The only cure and solution is revolutionary transformation of society on the basis of gift economy and total material equality. 7. Anarchic anti-capitalist social leap into a world where human life has the highest consideration.