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Most anarchists are not anarchist at all

Most anarchists are not anarchist at all – Capitalism causes madness Anti-economical determinism

Since anarchists from the time of Bakunin and Kropotkin up to now depended solely on the Marxist analysis of capitalist economy that turned out to be very wrong and misleading. This erroneous analysis brought down the whole socialist camp and exposed the invalidity of communist theory. The dependence of anarchism on failed Marxist predictions and prognostication caused plenty of harm to anarchic theory and turned anarchists into regimented scouts of social therapy. No wonder that modern anarchism looks like this today, North American anarchism is not anarchism at all, but a replica of middle class activism. Anti-economical anarchism is the only true anarchism since it alone can totally eliminate all sorts of authority, hierarchy and what ever oppression anywhere. Anarchism as represented by our friends in north Europe, is pathetic and makes you want to puke, to even think of organized anarchism is an ultra contradiction in term. As a result of so many crucial mistakes contemporary anarchists behave as a bunch of left wing liberal scouts, negotiating their party line and dogmatic ideology, just as our hated cousin the Bolshevik. The magic ward of affinity group means let's hide in little gropes and pretend we are operating on a global scale, or let's dress in a differently colored costumes so we could play safely whilst confronting the 8 masters. Primitivism is not anarchism nor salvation is going to come from the internet, the revolution awaits you someplace and somewhere else. This is not a criticism of the anarchic movement as such, but a recommendation for the adaptation of a meta-Marxist post-capital anti-dialectical approach based on anti-analysis and the demolishment of capitalist social relations. What we need is an anti-economical post-Marxist meta-synthesis for the creation of the last revolution. Economy is theft and property is robbery. All necessities of life is distributed free during and after the revolution, the collapse of capitalism will enrich the whole world population and turn each and everyone into an overnight millionaires, we shell have by the year 2015 7000000000 millionaires, a very happy and celebrative humanity. Arm your pleasure and equip your passion with revolutionary knowledge so you will be always ready to make and participate in the already long overdue social revolution. If by waiting few more years we can further reduce the required violence to a minimum then be it. After destroying the state and hierarchy wages and commerce disappear to the disappointment of many anarcho-capitalists. Labor will turn into a revolt, we want to manage our lives ourselves and no one else and anyone who dares otherwise shell facet a violent attack, since slavery and exploitation are unforgivable and epidemic. The destruction of life is not a demagogic issue but a survival defense and a last stand of the slave who is on a head collision with his master. Freedom must be taken by force; justice is equality when there is no exploiting fellow human any more. Values and business is an organize deceit orchestrated by blood stained economical gangsters embraced by weak and corrupt politicos. Capital economy is the king and the ruling classes, immersed in wealth and power whilst devastating our lives, our planet and obliterating the future. They impoverish the rest of humanity whilst keeping the middle class and allowing it consume, thus keeping it in check, business-bossy and ossified. Humanity wants revolt and it wants it now and we are here to provide it with exactly that. Lets not allow 200 years of anarchism be thrown to the garbage of history because of some alienated tendencies. We exist and that is enough to create the biggest and final revolution in our miserable human history, cause a revolution that has never been witnessed before i.e, the creation of freedom. Humanity demands freedom and we demand material equality, a meta-critical mass rebellion engulfing the whole planet thus turning life into a more bearable and pleasant existence for all.