Radical media, politics and culture.

A revolution in the making

Class liberation is the liberation of the people from their oppressors – liberation from their laws and values, from their modern slavery system. People are at the centre of the universe, there are no others yet – they/we the people must be at the center of any and all considerations, theoretico-practical and aesthetic. Economy is designed to destroy the people and turn them into a generation of replaceable salves, for production, peons for war and for serving at order – the techno-servant. People are reproduced for serving the state and the party, generations are created to serve the organization headed by the richest and most viscous people on earth – you can tell by the living conditions of their employees. Profit means a broad daylight labor robbery, the higher the profit the more miserable people become, the more prosperous the ruling class, more people join the ranks of the unemployed and have a long brutish life and utter poverty.

Authority should be eliminated and hierarchy broken up for ever and this means the end of stupid competition, the heart and soul of degenerative capitalism. We are celebrating Anarcho-liberation – personal, social and eventually material liberation – The transformation of national struggle into a class struggle and into a social movement of liberation. Crush local and foreign occupation by revolutionary activity of direct and subversive action + the manipulation of reaction for the intensification of the state-nation and capital total crises. The end of capitalism is near – the end of the empire is almost now and here. The transformation of class struggle and liberation into a full blown Anarcho-social revolution for we don’t want to slave under capitalism anymore. Anarchy is the only guarantee for our total and lasting equity and freedom. Religion is an old form of capitalism and democracy is the new form of capitalism – both are exactly same – religion like capitalism is all about greed and lust for the erotically unsatisfied public.

Money is their ultimate god and the root of all crime and violence – desperation within the spectacle. If a revolution could be made peacefully a revolution would be unnecessary – Intervention from another place – an attitude from another magnitude and dimension Post internet multi-action – the new psycho-emotional mental/intellectual rebel person.

A crisis caused by the collapse of the psycho-emotional "state of affair" – a transformation to a new level of development or an inter-personal implosion into the abyss. The creation of a new Anarcho-revolutionary self-determination and self-creation, equipped with an extreme form of a radicalized insurrect intellect. The advancement of feelings and thoughts and knowledge to a higher matrix of comprehension and pragmatic meta-synthesis. We have no self-pity but the courage to fight for what is right and just and humane, that is why we are revolutionaries fighting for our freedom and others. A radical shift of the attitude towards the people of the globe, through the acquirement of an alternative consciousness of revolt and emancipation. The tragic effect of contemporary capitalism on the self and on society – A conscious selection of the instructive + constructive elements in modern slavery, accompanied by a total systematic rejection and repulsion of the negative = state-capitalism. A compassion and tolerance towards the poor and the downtrodden – solidarity on an Anarcho-revolutionary level and cooperation. All parliaments will be shut down and governments dissolved and sent home – the army and police dismantled and the banks distributed equally. The individual effect on the magnitude and on the objective condition (his-story) and the universal application of this personal crisis – The End of Alienation and Ramification. The termination of mythology, religion and politics which are the sciences of lies and deceit – delimitation of the ontologico-epistimological self.

1) Anti-capitalism means anti-religion, anti-philosophy, anti-science, anti-ethics. 2) Anti-capitalism means anti-ideology, anti-nationalism, anti-state, anti-power. 3) The maintenance of capitalism is the maintenance of mass poverty, organized violence and brute barbaric institutional force. 4) The people of the globe will rise in their might very soon – when consciousness rises people learn and revolt. 5) When the mind begins to feel freedom the person rebels. 6) The rich must be equalized with poor – all of humanity rich in matter and culture. 7) No one should suffer again because of someone else – anyone who advocates for capitalism is advocating for more violence and crimes against humanity – the advocacy for capitalism is an advocacy for a permanent class war until the revolution of course. Capitalism is always against the majority of the impoverished people – capitalism is local and foreign terrorism in disguise, counter-terrorism is exactly the same. A system that enslaves the majority of the people is doomed to a complete destruction unless it resorts to an organized terrorism and violence (war) or nuclear holocaust (military science). Anarcho-Theoretical Practice + the wo/man that killed nostalgia and meta-physics. Beyond fear, superstition and tradition – does humility results from humiliation and exploitation? Do all the values and morality arise out of despair, class division, ignorance and extreme discrimination? To the majority of computer users of the world unite, the role of the Anarcho-revolutionary surfer on the net/web – that's what I have to say – the way things are – the way they ought to be. Let me put it this way – do we always have to start from scratch – it seems so – because all you people everywhere, on the net and otherwise – beside the few – you are all variably similar, as indicated by your synonymous anonymity. Most of you require urgently the theoretico-practical knowledge, a universal Anarcho-navigation, a post-historical anti-consumerism – the annihilation of the spectacle. Existence within an established illusion and corporate hallucination – How do socialized pigeons behave, birds fly we walk tall. A very unfortunate human condition/situation > Anarcho-optimism > Activism toward the construction and the rebuilding of the future = Meta-his-story. The socio-anarchic social revolution has started, it time now for you to join and take part in designing your sovereign future. From a revolution to an Anarcho-communist individualist society that is based on total equality and total freedom. The people who changed the world – a revolution in the making.