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The system kills – Kill the system

This capitalist system of misery has to be destroyed and finished with very soon.

The capitalist system causes lots of pain and an unnecessary suffering for billions of people all over the globe. Why suffer because of a very small minority who are really the sole beneficiaries of this mass misery. The declarations of the anarcho-cyber revolution – The oppressed people of the world unite and fight the Empire, the state, the capitalist system and religion.

1) The Real > Exter-Net = Social Revolution. 2) The Virtual > Enter-Net = Cyber Revolution. 3) The Future > Meta-Net = Anarchic Revolution. One Anarchy – One world – One People - One Humanity – One Equality - One Freedom. Non-State – Non-Capital – Non-God – Non-Hierarchy – Non-Law – Non-Morals. An Ultra Anarcho-Cyber quantum leap from cybernetics & simulation to actuality and reality, then from Capitalist Reality to an Anarchic Reality. Post-Capital Internet – Anarcho-revolutionary boards and forums and anti-authoritarian encyclopedic and info-distribution cyber-centers. Without reform or compromise – It is either a Global Anarchy or Global Capitalism. People everywhere are realizing that and now is the time to start changing everything. The resistance and the revolt has started and is rapidly expanding, we are radically changing the here and now. Turning the class struggle into a full blown socio-anarchic revolution encompassing the whole world - billions of oppressed individuals barely surviving are roaming this polluted earth looking for an immediate relief. It is time of revolt and rebellion so we can each design his/her destiny and use the internet for the creation of a concrete social revolution. Welcome to the Cyber Anarcho-Communist Individualist Revolution. A World Anarchic revolution - Not a Therapy for the Masses. Unhappy Civilization and the new Anti-Capitalist Post-Economy. The start of a new Post-Civilization with an Anarcho-Communist Individualist Meta-Economy – Where the rich remain rich and the poor become rich. The solution to the nation-state-class religious problem is the theory of Anarcho-Communist Revolutionary Intervention. The revolution will start mainly in Asia and Africa and then it well spell/spread to the rest of the world. Anti-Capitalist distribution of wealth and commodity to the whole world. Revolution ends capitalist economy whilst anarchy will replace the old society – The transformation of capitalism into anarchic post-economic social-relation. Anarcho-Revolutionary transformation of capitalist political economy into an Anarcho-Communist-Individualist anti-political anti-economy. Anti-Economy = Post-Economy = Meta-Economy The left is in demonstrations and many anarchists are marching as well – another street-police coordination and public control. The conquest of Capital and the limitation of God - From the virtual to the real – From in front of computers out to the streets and from the streets to the computers, a two way revolution. The capitalist economy is collapsing everywhere - the means of production will be owned by all of us without a state or law. Anarcho-Revolutionary friendly advice – Stimulate the people and introduce them to anarchism

To help and assist the weak, the exploited and the oppressed and support the poor and the downtrodden – their recovery depends on joining the Anarcho-Social Revolutionary Transformation of Capitalism into Anarchism. Two Anarcho-universal categories, one for the present and another for the future – The state and politics will disappear. Democracy will become material equality – Work will be something of the past and everything will be divided equally amongst all - The perfect Meta-Economy. At last all of humanity will be rich and without self-destruction and destroying the planet – matter will distributed between the people, the producers of everything. Universal solution to a particular problem and a particular solution to a universal problem – America as the final stage of capitalism and the last empire – The fall of Anarcho-Capitalism. Seven billion rich owners of the means of production and its commodities in an anti-politico-anti-economical social relation. Each will get what s/he wants and will give what s/he wants – End Of Capitalism. Pan-Capitalism = the richest and most techno-industrialized country has the most regressive nation/society. Christians, Muslims and Jews are very disturbed individuals, more than half of them suffer mental deviations, all on the verge of –Theo-psychopathic epidemics. National liberation is the liberation of the local bourgeoisie from foreign bourgeoisie, the people remain poor and oppressed – South Africa is a good example. It is the structure of capitalism that is rotten and needs to be replaced quickly. Capitalism is a cruel system for the torturing and enslaving humanity in the most brutal and exploitative methods imagined.

The system kills – kill the system.