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European Precariat Biosindicalismo

Nate writes:
Long live the Great Precariat Alliance... and long live the social
precariat's european bio-union

The demonstration saturday [November 6] in Rome has marked the
beginning of a new campaign of union and social mobilization. This
campaign has a transeuropean reach, it breaks with the traditional
sectorial unionism, making the new contradictions of political social
action manifest.

1. The struggle of the social precariat is as much a social and life
struggle as it is a union struggle. It is, as such, a bio-syndical
struggle. The field of struggle is the territory, understood as the
living place as much as the workplace.

2. The struggle and the visibility of the social precariat is the
struggle and the visibility of a new social subject, which also
includes those who have a constant labor-relation, not reducible to a
unity, both rather differentiated and polyhedral, that calls attention
to the fact that today wealth is fruit of a co-active social
cooperative, but which is expropriated by a few.

3. The central and unifying demand of the polyhedric characters of the
distinct social subjects is the slogan: income for all, as the fair
remuneration for a social production that our lives themselves
valorize. We don't ask for anything more than the return of what we
have already given.

4. The struggle of the social precariat expresses itself through the
transversal self-organization of networks and direct practice of
collectively decided reappropriative actions. This is why we support
all the direct actions that made up the event of November 6th and
prior. We are all unyielding. We are all arrestable (and not only 87)
for reappropriation of income from below. And we are proud of that!

5. Our immediate perspectives are the development of conflictive
actions in order to attain flexicurity, that is, the continuity of
direct universal income, access to indirect income, that is, housing,
mobility, knowledges, sociality, work conditions under contract and
that are humanly sustainable (hours, vacations, days off, etc).

6. Our immediate perspectives are the creation of a European network
of the social precariat. Networks of Europe, let's unite (NEU), the
logo of the new european precariat bio-sindicalism, that will be found
in Malaga and Berlin in the coming months.

7. A new future of struggle, finally, awaits us.

8. Also a new hope. When one expropriates books and distributes them
freely to passersby, then we are well under way!

Andrea Fumagalli

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