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People are going insane

nomadlab writes: "first it was a Pakistani businessman and three Arab
Americans being removed from the planes they had tickets for
because of fearful
passengers and crews.

then Eighty passengers and five crew members were held aboard a jet for three hours after it landed because a passenger said a man had dispersed a powdery substance in the ventilation system.

The substance was confetti from a greeting card that a man had accidentally spilled, FBI spokesman Andrew Black said.

and yesterday a Delta Air Lines flight from Atlanta to Newark, N.J. was diverted to North Carolina after two men were seen huddled together and speaking a foreign language in the back of the plane, officials said.

Officials at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport initially received reports that the men were trying to break into the cockpit, said Aviation Director Jerry Orr. It turned out to be two orthodox Jewish men praying together in the back of the plane, he said."