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"Shadow Economy" Discussion Group Formed

Anonymous Comrade writes: "The purpose of a Shadow Economy is to create a
viable alternative to the existing economic systems in
place. Capitalism is the predominant system in place,
therefore any alternative would be said to exist in
the shadows only. It is important that we do not
directly attack Capitalism but create something that
is real, visible, and like a shadow, cannot be gotten
rid of easily; it does not exist in the same sense
that Capitalism does. Nor does it exist in opposition
because it is not a negation of Capitalism, but an
entirely different creature altogether. It is no
secret among the critics of Capitalism that most of
the voices raised call for its destruction but lack a
cry for something constructive." -Ted Goldenberg,
Shadow Economies

The Purpose of this group is to produce and critque
works around the theme of the Shadow Economy so that
it may later be distributed to a variety of media
sources (be it internet media, independent newspapers,
infoshops, flyering, etc.) and help promote the idea
of the shadow economy."