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The Mechanics of Social Control

themanwithnoname writes:

The Mechanics of Social Control

By themanwithnoname

Most of us have heard the rumours circulated by conspiracy theorists concerning a secret world order, and their "big brother" plans to monitor every man women and child by means of a tiny microchip, (supposedly “smaller than a grain of rice”), injected under the skin.

Personally, it would come as no big surprise to me if ultimately, such rumours proved to have some foundation after all; but I find it strange why these researchers, (many of whom are of the armchair variety, I might add), mostly neglect to underscore another, more obvious and immediate parallel as they go about their fear-mongering.
From any early age, every person in the mainstream is ALREADY Tagged, in the shape of IRS Taxpayer, DVLA, National Health & Social Security I.D numbers – together with other Government Departmental and Central Security database records etc, etc.

Not only this, but we are all Mentally Processed and Conditioned too; moulded through Advertising, Television, Peer Pressure and Schooling.
After seeing societies’ plight in these circumstances alone -- it would be totally irrational to argue against the idea that we ARE a nation under State Control, RIGHT NOW, AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME.

Yet, it is inevitable that the bulk of readers of this InterActivist submission will do just that . . . FIGHT AGAINST THOUGHTS OF THIS NATURE -- for the sake of ones own contentment.

It’s a natural tendency I know, preferring to be blinkered to such an unpleasant and unthinkable prospect, but exactly WHAT triggers this altogether illogical, automatic reflex-action of denial in us?

Might such swift opposition to proposals like this -- stem from years of Social Programming?

Autosuggestion’s received by each of us, from media and educational sources, on an almost subliminal level?

Instructions, which appeal to man’s unstoppable instinct of self-preservation, causing us to reject any claims questioning the establishment?

This is why I say to anyone who feels repulsed by these tales of Social Engineering, please think carefully before running with the pack on this one: Fixed Ideas and Preconceptions are akin to mental bondage.

I appreciate how comforting it is to take solace in a popular belief, that our leaders have the public’s best interest at heart: But why not give my opening argument a chance to develop it’s defence, before jumping to this usual, safe conclusion?

Furthering the disquiet mentioned above, I have unearthed a good deal of evidence indicating how, certain of our history and science books contain grave, (and what can only be described as deliberate), inaccuracies.
But that in itself cannot be covered in this brief overview, and will undoubtedly become the focus of a separate paper of mine altogether.

Taken that I am close to the winning line with my Social Engineering premise – such archival word weaving would mean that we are being burdened through life by unnecessary mental baggage; supposed ‘facts’ that just aren’t true.

When tackled on this issue, most in the ‘free world,’ are prone to say, “hey – what’s all the fuss about pal?” “We live in democratic society, and as a nation, enjoy freedom of speech via the Internet, protest marches, music etc”; “what more do you want?”

All very fine in theory -- though I can see numerous impediments, which smother this fancy at birth.

One might be able to SAY as many extreme things as one likes, (to an extent) – but due to our preconditioning, very few people take notice of radical thinkers anymore.

Mentally battered by misinformation, psychological persuasion and other mind games -- the modern world community displays little in the way of an enquiring or questing spirit.

Yes, we are ‘free’ all right; free to think, believe and behave just like everyone else, or face social ostracism!

Manipulated and monopolised -- each of us supports some misapprehension or other.
One may be convinced for instance, that the only people to achieve scientific breakthroughs are those from within academia.
In truth, a sizeable number of discoveries are initially made by enthusiastic amateurs, (often by sheer chance), only for those sporting doctorates to come along and lift the glory for they’re own.

The popular idea that facts are immutable -- is yet another delusion.
Certainty and logic are ALWAYS under construction; with each having the distinct tendency to mutate as millennia pass.
“Nothing“ is Impossible.

The chances are strong -- that much of what seems improbable or “impossible” now, (E.G: Unidentified Flying Object Phenomena, the Metaphysical, the Supernatural etc), was once deemed plausible and normal by our distant progenitors.
And vice versa: Most things that are currently, commonplace reality would have seemed like fantasy to our distant forefathers.

Example: Through their poetic and dramatic oral traditions, the ancient Celts transmitted teachings about a universal interconnectedness; how all heavenly bodies spiritually join with earth.
Until just lately, modern topical prose gave little respect to fanciful-sounding, aboriginal models like these.
Then suddenly -- in the ‘new millennium’, we hear astrophysicists and cosmologists begin to tally in part with the old sentiments:
The universe is indeed far more connected than they had formerly thought -- with the added concession that even distant stars, hundreds of light years away, are each united by energy fields and flows.

At the moment though, it is only the occasional renegade here and there, who dares step out of the scientific shadows to compare notes with primordial lines of wisdom and inspiration; the type of thing which is branded by most as ‘mythology’.

Another same difference: The Celts, along with many other early cultures, believed that lumps of stone contained an unseen life about them.
Even the Christian Bible makes numerous references to ‘the living rock’.
In the latter half of the 20th century, the easy copout had always been to fall back on a relaxed view of past millennia; by modern standards, the ancients were unenlightened -- it’s as plain and straightforward as that!

But shortly after the festivity of mankind’s entrance into Century 21 -- a sobering press statement began circulating.
It detailed an incredible breakthrough made by a team of geobiologists in America.
They had found chains of unusual bacteria thriving deep inside specific types of rock.
Using an electron-microscope technique not available before, (capable of detecting objects ten-times smaller than anything previously recorded), scientists detected traces of the microorganisms, (some living, others as microfossils), throughout many core samples.

While most rocks are formed through inorganic processes, this newly-discovered *miracle is believed to play a leading role in the growth and eventual decay of iron oxide-bearing minerals such as magnetite: a cycle of birth and death, which may last hundreds of millions of years.

*The ingenuity of nature must also include those tiny chips of ‘smart’ quartz at the heart of all our computerised gadgets. Crystals ‘grow’ therefore, technically, they have a life about them too; meaning that all quartz-bearing rocks are comprised of material that once “lived”.

With bodies individually measuring as little as 200 nanometres in length, many of these internal ‘rock bacteria’ have since been examined and identified; the strain responsible for creating oxide crystals for example, is now designated as MV-1.

The suggestion is -- early mythologies might not all be the result of primitive fantasy after all; some were more likely to have been chimerical expressions of a special insight on nature - and now require a careful re-reading in between the lines.
Is this an indication that specific popular conceptions are in fact Misconceptions?

That, first impressions SUCK! (to put it bluntly) -- And many things are totally opposite to how we initially judge them to be?

That we when we view anything -- we SEE only what we have been TOLD to see?

That all of our judgements and actions are based on pre-conceptions formed as result of our Social Programming; and thus likely to be heavily biased, often erroneous and sometimes dangerous?


Is it really possible we have all been hoodwinked?

Those, some of the ideals held dear to the hearts of most, are founded on sand . . .
. . .the shaky dictates of a secret elite who are withholding a far more profound truth concerning our planet and the rootstock of humanity?

To summarise; even if one is academically trained, it is said that our controllers see the greater majority as little more than worker ants, whose only function is to maintain the status quo by supporting a class pyramid system; with most mere mortals below, bearing the weight.

Told what to think and how to behave by our educators, . . (with many loyal subjects even coming to enjoy this servility!),

it seems as if we are herded into a work, rest, spend mindset, almost from the cradle -- and continue ever onwards in this manner to the grave; caught up in our own little self-centred world, blinkered and oblivious to anything else.

Do the RIGHT thing, stay on the RIGHT path, or face social exclusion; which is exactly what happens should one choose to defy the norm and begin venturing down the LEFT hand path of any given counter interest or culture.

Although most individuals don’t read books anymore, they still like to believe that they know a lot about life, (info-bites gained via the *Internet, newspapers and television), and in particular data which is of financial worth.
[*One has to be very specific when entering search requirements into ones browser.
Otherwise, to find anything of importance amidst the WWW sea of excrement is quite difficult: And I read that big plans are afoot to begin policing and censoring the internet.]

There can be little doubt that Fleet Street is largely controlled by the many arms of the church and freemasonry; same goes for much of television: Thus it can be seen how all of these popular mediums have severe limitations.

If all is well with my theory -- the sad reality of life could be as follow:

Through psychological means -- the masses are actively being encouraged to know only about trivia -- and discouraged from enquiring about anything of any great spiritual worth.

This, (as far as I am concerned), is the epitome of what I term Social Engineering.