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Franco Berardi, "Abandoning Illusions, Preparing to Fight"

"Abandoning Illusions, Preparing to Fight" Franco Berardi

What is happening in Rome and in many other Italian cities, what happened in London only few days ago, marks the beginning of the new decade. It’s going to be a decade of conflict, of the self-defense of society against a ruling class that is violent and corrupt, against financial capitalism that is literally starving the social sphere, against the mafia, that is using power to embezzle social resources.

In Rome, on December 14th, a Parliament of the corrupt celebrates the Godfather‘s victory. In London, on December 9th, a Parliament of liars has ordained the destruction of public education.

The multitude of students, researchers and workers who gathered in Rome on the day of the scandalous vote that anointed the corrupter, did not have the purpose of pulling down a government of mafiosi and of installing a government of exploiters. The purpose of the movement is to destroy power to its very foundations, to bring conflict in every place, to destabilize the order of exploitation and of ignorance, to organize autonomy, to gain resources and money.

Now we know that in the black hole of the Italian Parliament sits a majority of the corrupt. The Godfather who sits as Premier has bought them with the money that he is has taken away from the schools, from the workers, from society as a whole. We’ll not respect the law of the mafia. Everywhere we’ll bring revolt, and we’ll organize the desire of autonomy of life from capitalism.

Students in Rome have answered to the violence in the same vein as the Londoners some days before: occupying the city, defending with cultural shields the right to speak out, and declaring that European insurrection has began, and will last all the time necessary.

It will last.

It’s not a short explosion, it is the raising up of a generation, it is the declaration of autonomy of collective intelligence from the decay of a violent, ignorant, lugubrious system. It’s the change in the cultural climate announcing a decade of fight, and the construction of a world free from exploitation.