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CipherWar in CyberSpace Against G8, August 31st

Stop the G8: Online Demonstration Scheduled

Stop the G8 is a new website dedicated to the international struggle against
the G8, WTO and all other major neo-liberal, capitalist institutions around
the world.

This is truly an international struggle. We have seen the effects after
neo-liberalism across the globe; unemployment, global poverty, reduced
global public health and public safety. We have seen protesters from every
corner of this planet join the demonstrations in Seattle, Gothenburg, Genoa
and Prague. And now we´ve taken this struggle to the internet in the shape
of this website as a part of what will be the longest online protest
campaign ever. We will bring you news, demonstration information from the
streets and tools and information for a successful online campaign.

We will not only host online actions and demonstrations against the G8 in
Canada 2002 (we´re planning to organize actions every second month against
that meeting until it´s over), but also organize actions against every major
summit until then.

For more info contact: Isaac Keyes
Project Coordinator

The first online demonstration will be held on 31 August against
the official Canadian G8 site:

What is an online demonstration?
The goal is to flood the website with requests until the server goes down,
this will not cause any permanent damage to the target, but it will serve as
a symbolic action, and that is enough to make the collective presence of
activists felt beyond the electronic networks.

How do I join?
On 31 August we'll add a link to the front page of this website, and you
just have to click on that link in order to get some basic information. The
only thing you need to participate is a browser that supports frames.