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End Capitalism Now

Capitalism – State – Hierarchy – Class – Religion - Cause War And Permanent VIOLENCE Capitalism – State – Hierarchy – Class – Religion – Means Mass Hardship And Plenty Of Human Suffering Capitalism – State – Hierarchy – Class – Religion – Must Be Halted And Dismantled To Save Humanity IN THE ANARCHO-REVOLUTIONARY WAY Capitalism = USA + UK + AUST + ISR + JPN + ETC, = Ideology + Religion + Law Capitalism = Anarchic Revolution And The End Of The State And Private Property The USA, the UK, Israel and others lead this war and military violence against anyone or anything that stands in their way, i.e., they dream of a total hegemony over the planet and its inhabitants, they want complete control over matter and humanity. But we will not allow them, and their dreams shell remain dreams. In reality state capitalism is modern violence in action over weak and downtrodden people all over the world, as though the universal poverty they impose is not enough now they want to teach humanity a violent lesson, but the anarcho-revolution is at their doorsteps and is accelerating, so watch out Bush & Co. People resist and fight the attack in an underground resistance awaiting its public appearance at the revolution first day. No more soldiers and police, no more wars and poverty, no more states and capitalism, anarchy will not allow the repeat of all that. The resistance of the people is some times carried in the wrong form as a result of historical conditioning and the contribution of capitalism {CIA-Mossad} to its temporary second-round appearance in poor countries and The USA. Religion as all ideologies is to maintain society based on classes, on masters and servants, poverty and war is the constant result. The military-police-nation-capitalist-state is an instrument for a direct destruction of the poor and weak peoples and their countries. Capitalism which is today lead by the US empire and it allies is the true face of 21st century capitalism and the horrific consequence of its anti-human existence. We need a new America, a new Britain and a new Israel without capitalism and states and where anarchy prevails. We need a new world without money and ownership, without war and work, without leaders and government. Bombs and killing, profits and security and terrorism is what capitalism is as it is expressed physically in different parts of the world. A crime against humanity is its foundation upon which it launches its vicious egotistical devastation. Humanity will soon reach the required conscious for getting rid of capitalism and its nation-states and implement instead individualist communist anarchy. Capitalism like religion is a class war of all against all which only the leaders and the wealthy benefit from the exploitations and mayhem they cause and is intentionally made. Capitalism mixed with religions and states is the ultimate and last stance of vanishing capitalism, the final breath on the historico-evolutionary death bed. As capitalism it is a permanent class and national wars so is anarchy is a permanent struggle of liberation from capital, state and authority. Anarchy will eventually win and replace world capitalism with world anarchism and liberating humanity for the first time in its bloody and miserable short history to live and exist in peace and equality for all the people of the world. So we can live without empires and without religious civilizations that butchers itself and others every time it could.