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∑E³ = e = mc²±¹ Meta-theory ≥ Anti-ideology => Anti-theology. Theoretico-individual = Social revolution. Theoretico-practical = Anarcho-social revolution. From homo-sapiens to homo-anarchus. Non -violent struggle in military-police capitalist states. Mass – Anarcho-revolutionary theory. Music – Anarcho-artistic revolutionary theory. Meta–theory – The theory of theory. Nature – Under massive attack and destruction. Computer – Techno-capitalism – maximal alienation – spectacular collapse of consumer society. Metro – Theoretic-truth – Theoretic-sophy – post-science = Metax.

Meta-Anarchy Post-capitalist anarchy. Post-ideological theoretico-logical anarchy. Post-spectacle anarchy. A theory for the transformation of the world and its inhabitants to a humane and just universal poly-existence. Anti-ideological theory Рanti-theological theory. The theory of anarchy and revolution. The theory of anti-theory Рthe meta-theory. Anti-capitalism and anti-state theory of anarchy. Anti-centralism >> anti-hierarchical organization >> anti-party formation >> anti-leaders >> anti-tradition >> anarcho-morphic leap. Anti-philosophy Anti-science װ anti-religion װ anti-authority. Capitalist-science װ capitalist idealism װ capitalist control. Anti-nation # anti-class # anti-power # anti-patriotism # anti-flag # anti-control # anti-work # anti-law # anti-authority.

OBJECTIVE HISTORICAL CONDITIONING => Centuries of slavery + exploitation. SUBJECTIVE HISTORICAL CONDITIONING = > Socio-individual alienation & ramification. CAPITALIST HISTORICAL CONDITIONING = > Termination of the system.

Anarcho-non-violent social revolution  Anarcho-individualist communist revolution  Post-civilization society. How many anarchists there are in the world and are there enough anarchists today who are ready to get to the street and start an anarcho-social revolution? How many anarchists are really willing and capable of causing a global & social anarchic revolution? It is not only quantity that counts but also quality that makes the difference. The time is getting closer, the revolution is on our door step, lets not miss it as generations did before us, let’s be the first anarchists who succeed in creating an anarchic global international revolution. It is the final count down, it is life or gradual death, is it going to be real freedom and equality or permanent terminal alienation and comfortable misery. No friends, the time is ripe, the revolution is going on around you and it is now up to you either to join and participate or become counter-revolutionary and reactionary. Anarchy is the revolution underway, anarchists are the makers of the future and anarchism is the alternative to state and private capitalism.

The anarchic global insurrection The plan is a revolution for human liberation, a revolution in our life time. Why the revolution has not happened yet and the human condition is not easy. The left of capital wants full integration and the right of capital wants a permanent war. Capitalism has artificially extended its life span but not for much longer. The revolutionary movement is only virtually existent, i.e., non existent in reality. The earth is on its final breath, poisoned and mutilated. What has to be done by us all? What is the next step to be taken? How about a complete and genuine liberation! A rebellion on a massive scale that will turn into a full blown globo-social revolution and which will bring down capitalism and liberate humanity from its modern slavery. The next stage in the history of struggle will be the final stage in the collapse of the state and capitalist system and the end to its deformed social relations. Capitalism and the state will be immediately replaced by a decentralized anti-authoritarian anarchic social relation that is coordinated upon anti-capital economy. Post-capitalist anti-state social-relations based on mutual equality and respect for nature and life in general and material equity in particular. Capitalism is theft, if left alone it self-destructs taking us all with it, i.e. the annihilation of nature and the human race or an anarcho-social revolution to rescue humanity and guarantee the continuance existence of healthy nature. Do we want the total destruction of life and the planet for the sake of the profit of the nasty few or you want the freedom from this. Do you want brain control and brain washing of the masses or you want happiness for all? Do you want a hysteric rush of business-military authorities killing everything that doesn’t submit or do you want the right for all to live in dignity and free will. We are the anarchist of the world, the makers of the social revolution in theory and practice. Anarchic freedom will be achieved on the day of the collapse of capitalism which hopefully it will be quite soon. Instead of capitalism we will have an advanced anarchic society built on equity and auto-production and cyber-distribution. Labor will disappear as the entire capitalist infra & sub-structure to enable the growth of a guanine human community. Classes will become a thing of the past and instead we will have a true material equity and a universal human anarcho-conduct. A new anarcho-humanity where every thing is free for all based on mutual respect and free-association, where everyone on the planet is rich materially and intellectually, everyone free and happy as will be the whole human society of the world. We are not afraid of anything or anyone so we can speak honestly and truly without hesitation and indoctrination, this means total and genuine anarchic socio-individual liberation from the chains of the past and the empire. Empirical rebellion and a concrete insurrectionary application accelerated towards an onto-epistemological revolution. We don’t need their power and control, we don’t need their exploitation and discrimination, we don’t need their oppression, war, violence and poverty but we do need happiness and comfort for all and this means a total and global anarcho-social revolution. We are against religion and the nation state, we are also against capitalist science and technology, we are against all ideology and politics and every form of organization, and we want free association alone that is based on equity and mutual cooperation. We will save the planet from a guaranteed destruction and restore it to natural; we will save humanity from a guaranteed continuous modern slavery and rescue it from capitalism and its empires. That’s it, the revolution has began, now it is up to you to participate, now it is your turn – friend.