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Events Scheduled for Washington DC, April 22, 2002

HotSauce! writes "Today's events in DC include:

Monday 22 April 2002

7-9am, Colombia Mobilization March (Unpermitted) & NonViolent Direct
Action in Solidarity with the People of Colombia -- To Close the School
of the Americas -- To End Military Aid -- And To Promote a Just Economic
Policy -- Gather at Washington Monument (Blue/Orange Line Smithsonian
Metro); March to Capitol Hill; Actions around the Capitol in the
Congressional District. We are calling activists to come prepared to
do Autonomous Affinity Group Actions -- Die-Ins, Sit-Ins, & Blockades --
starting at 7am at the Washington Monument in Solidarity with the
people of Colombia. (Affinity Groups are encouraged to come to the
Spokes Council & Action Location Briefing at 8pm on Sunday Night at
the Church of the Brethren, 337 N. Carolina Avenue, SE (Capitol South
Metro)). Our goals are to end US support for the war in Colombia on
all fronts: military, economic & ecological, & to close the SOA. In
working towards these goals, we will act with full respect for our
Colombian sisters & brothers, both living & dead. In this spirit our
actions will be in accordance with the nonviolence guidelines of the
Colombia Mobilization. To view these guidelines, go to
http://www.colombiamobilization.org/article.php?id =1

For more information, SOA Watch email:

Website: http://www.colombiamobilization.org/calendar.php?a rea=1

9am-Noon, United We March (in collaboration with the Colombia
Mobilization) Lobby Training, Church of the Brethren Sanctuary, 337
North Carolina Avenue, SE (Between 3rd & 4th Streets, SE - Blue/Orange
Line to Capitol South Metro).

Website: http://www.unitedwemarch.org/article.php?id=59

3:30pm, Stop US Tax-funded Aid to Israel Now! (SUSTAIN) Press
Conference outside of AIPAC at Washington Hilton; Creative Actions
around Washington Hilton, 4:30pm; Begin gathering around Washington
Hilton at 6:30pm for Rally/Picket during Sharon's address at 7:30pm

Website: http://www.sustaincampaign.org/

5:30pm, A22 Collective Anti-Capitalist Actions Against Sharon & Racism,
Washington Hilton, 1919 Connecticut Avenue in Adams Morgan.
Anti-Capitalist Bloc in solidarity with others against Sharon & Racism
will be forming a Bloc at the protests at the AIPAC conference where
Ariel Sharon will be speaking. We are asking people to dress in black
as an expression of defiance and mourning and to use all black banners
with white lettering and if you need to mask up use a khafiyah (arab
headress). Some black coffins would also be good. We are asking
individuals not to engage in militant tactics during the A20 march upon
request of other organizing groups, this is more of a concern than a
block of such tactics. There will be three types of actions people can
participate in at the Hilton on April 22nd. The only public action we
are revealing at this time is a cross between a Green type of action
and a Yellow action this action will involve symbolic low-risk of
arrest civil disobedience or direct action, there will be other direct
actions beside the call to Mass Action. Types of Actions: Green
(permitted protest pit near Hilton); Yellow (non-violent civil
disobedience, more than symbolic civil disobedience, near or around the
Hilton); Red (confrontational tactics, more than symbolic or yellow
types of civil disobedience.) Yellow and Red actions should not occur
near or around the Green zone (South of T St on the West Side of
Connecticut Ave). Red actions should not interfere or jeapordize
yellow actions. All to be worked out at the spokes council. We are
not planning any Red types of actions we encourage Red types of
Affinity Groups to attend the Spokes Council to work out what Yellow
types of Action are planning to avoid any unecessary conflicts. We
will have several scenarios for discussion at the Spokes Council, we
will also be taking new scenario proposals & getting updates as
information on police tactics become more available. Post reports
about completed actions to DC IMC.

Website: http://dc.indymedia.org Mention that
you are an anti-capitalist direct action affinity group. FMI, A22
Liason 202-390-6949,

Email: druidarab

or Website: http://www.mashriq.org/a22