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A22 Collective Communique, Events for Washington, DC

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A20-22: Communique for Anti-Capitalists and Others Attending
the anti-Racist and War Protests in Washington, DC April 20th-22nd.
by A22 Collective

Contact A22 Liason at website: a22


Amid the reports of mass graves and massive human rights violations
in the latest attempt of the IDF to re-occupy Palestinian areas
we note that the underlying problem is not ethnic or religious
strife, nor Israel's right to defense, rather it is the inherent
racism of the elites in American Society and Israelis society
that are comprised of the Capitalist class. We are all familiar
with the victims of this system. Palestine is just the latest
example of it. We see the same thing in Columbia as well.


We have called on people to engage in direct action to oppose
this racist killing across the globe, and specifically in Palestine.
We will continue to support a diversity of tactics. There are
limits of what we will support and engage in as the A22 Collective.

We do not support the harming of life. We also ask that we do
not put those unprepared to engage in our level of direct action
at risk through any actions of our own, no actions are to take
place in the permitted protest pit zone, referred to as the Green
Zone, at the Washington Hilton. We trust all will act with due
care and show solidarity with others no matter what our personal
beliefs about actions within these broad guidelines.[ Note: some
Palestinian refugees living in America have voiced concerns of
imagery of burning U.S. flags at this place and time. Please
consider how your actions may negatively affect those without
the same legal rights as you. There are always other state flags
to burn :-)] We are asking people to dress in black as an expression
of defiance and mourning and to use all black banners with white
lettering and if you need to mask up use a khafiyah (arab headress).
Some black coffins would also be good. We are asking individuals
not to engage in militant tactics during the A20 march upon request
of other organizing groups, this is more of a concern than a
block of such tactics.


Over the period of April 20th-22nd we will be participating
in several actions, marches and fun. Here is a brief schedule.

Saturday, April 20th, Gather at the Washington Hilton (Connecticut
and T St. NW), 10:30am and march with the ACC in solidarity with
Palestinian and allied groups (see sustain campaign).

This is a permitted March. There are going to be march facilitators
from the CISPP.
4:00pm Anti-Capitalist Spokes Council, see A22
Collective during march, look for leaflet announcing location
or call the liason phone number. That night a social and entertainment
event is planned with a screening of the film "Paint-it-Black"
at the IMC at 9:00pm (about anarchists at the DNC in LA).

Sunday, April 21st: Anarchist Soccer, Sylvan Theatre Area on
the Mall near the Columbia Mobilization, opportunity to meet
and talk and show solidarity with the Columbia Mobilization (please
respect the Columbia Mobilizations Action Guidelines, they are
not the same as our's but we want to show solidarity with other
activists we work with from time to time). 12:00pm (noon). This
is also an oppurtunity for folks to get to know each other and
talk about organizing as anti-Capitalist and working with other

Monday, April 22nd: Converge on Washington Hilton at 5:30pm.
Engage in autonomous actions or unified actions. May the force
be with you.

April 20th-22nd: various autonomous actions against capitalism,
it's wars, and for true people's democracy. Post reports about
completed actions to DC IMC (A href="http://dc.indymedia.org">dc indymedia) mention
you are an anti-capitalist direct action affinity group.


There will be three types of actions people can participate
in at the Hilton on Aprill 22nd. The only public action we are
revealing at this time is a cross between a Green type of action
and a Yellow action this action will involve symbolic low-risk
of arrest civil disobedience or direct action, there will be
other direct actions beside the call to Mass Action. (See Mass
Action below)

Types of Actions:

Green: permitted protest pit near Hilton

Yellow: non-violent civil disobedience, more than symbolic
civil disobedience, near or around
the Hilton.

Red: confrontational tactics, more than symbolic or
yellow types of civil disobedience.

Yellow and Red actions should not occur near or around the Green
zone (South of T St on the West Side of Connecticut Ave). Red
actions should not interfere or jeapordize yellow actions. All
to be worked out at the spokes council. We are not planning any
Red types of actions we encourage Red types of Affinity Groups
to attend the Spokes Council to work out what Yellow types of
Action are planning to avoid any unecessary conflicts. We will
have several scenarios for discussion at the Spokes Council,
we will also be taking new scenario proposals and getting updates
as information on police tactics become more available.


We are only prepared to publicly discuss the following Mass
Action which is aimed at being inclusive as possible. It is not
all that is being planned in terms of Direct Action but is the
one action that can include the most types of people. It should
not be viewed as pre-empting any other actions.
We are calling for a mass symbolic civil disobedience by
inviting all people to sit down in the streets and raise their
hands in a peace sign to say enough to all the war and human
rights violations in a soft blockade of the Hilton and Sharon.

At 6:30pm everyone should sit down and maintain their positions.
If the police move in we anticipate that they will warn people
first, there is no guarantee though. If you do not want to get
arrested get up and move to the green zone, the permitted protest
pit. Otherwise link up with someone and remain seated. We would
like to blockade all streets in the area via symbolic civil disobedience.
Again, if you do not want to get arrested upon police warning
get up immediately and proceed to the permitted protest area.
(see map for areas to focus on, http://www.mashriq.org/a22/massive.jpg">map.


We want to remind you that the Mall where the march will pass
on A20 and the Capitol where the rally will take place is now
under surveillance by the advanced face recognition system deployed
by the MPDC. Basically, they can be filming you from a mile
away. We are trying our best to make things work without the
necessity of over-centralization, hence the emphasis on autonomous
actions and a public mass action. If you need Legal call the
Legal Collective at (202) 462-7475.




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