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Soweto Electricity Crisis

Anna Weekes writes "The South African state is moving against communities who fight not to be disconnected from their basic services. Over 100 Soweto residents from the Electricity Crisis Committee have been in jail for the past 24 hours after holding a peaceful protest outside the Johannesburg Mayor's home. The Mayor, ANC's Amos Masondo, was in Hawaai but his bodyguard kindly came out onto the roof and fired 8 live bullets at the protestors!! One protestor was injured, but still taken to jail! After the shots were fired, the protestors disconnected Masondo's water whereafter they were arrested. Please read the whole story on the South Africa Indymedia site. The Minister of Public Enterprises, Jeff Radebe, last December vowed to crack down on the SECC which he says is a gang of criminals and rats - most members are poor pensioners!!!!"