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"Organizing for Peace in Times of War" Workshop, New York City, March 22-24, 2002

"Organizing for Peace in Times of War"

Workshop, New York City, March 22-24, 2002

Friday March 22 -Sunday, March 24

Organizers Program

A 3-Day Workshop at the Brecht Forum

Fri: 6:00 - 10:00 pm

Sat & Sun: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Organizing for Peace in Times of War

(Esperanza Martell)

Organizing at its best is an exciting and transformative activity. It is not only effective in winning struggles, it develops both the individual and collective capacities of the people involved, preparing them for sustained collective efforts. In our society, this kind of organizing is far from the norm. Too often we are unable to develop democratic leadership; our coalitions fail to build effective working relationships; members become frustrated or burned out.

This three-day intensive workshop is for those who are new to organizing as well as experienced people who would like to refresh their thinking. Combining group work and presentations by visiting organizers, we will identify what it takes to build an organization and keep it vital and growing--from productive meetings, to strategic analysis and planning, to democratic participation. We will be looking at how class, race, gender and
homophobia affect our organizing. Enrollment is limited to fifteen. Pre-registration is required. Esperanza Martell is an educator and organizer in the human rights, anti-racist, peace with justice movement. She works with ProLibertad, in
support of Puerto Rican Political Prisoners of colonialism.

Sliding Scale: $25/$45