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NYC's ABC No Rio Third Biannual Exhibition

The Ides of March

NYC's ABC No Rio Third Biannual Exhibition

Third Biannual Building-Wide Exhibition at ABC No Rio

Over 60 Artists Featured on Four Floors

March 14-April 11



VIEWING HOURS: Tuesdays & Thursdays-5:00 to 7:00PM

The Ides of March began in 1998 as a sprawling celebration heralding ABC No Rio's plans to develop the building at 156 Rivington Street, and has evolved into a biannual event with many dozens of artists filling our small tenement building. In this incarnation of the Ides event installation and site-specific work reacting and relating to No Rio's space will predominate, but photography, printing, video and new media are also
included. This year's Ides of March also includes numerous additional events and components.

Exhibiting Artists

Osman Akan -- Elaine Angelopoulos -- Kim Babcock -- Johanna Bartelt -- Stephanie Basch -- Michel Bayard -- Paul Biedrzycki -- Booklyn -- Ian Burns -- Matt Callinan -- Francy Caprino -- Christopher Cardinale -- Rodrigo Chazaro -- Valerie Chirigos -- J. Gregory Cisneros, Marc Cote, Charles Hancock, and Bo Lembo -- Jill Colinan -- Brendan Coogan -- Matthew Courtney
-- Abby Dansiger -- Marguerite Day -- Dona -- Jade Doskow -- Matthias & Emily Duwel -- Miranda Edison -- Stefan Eins -- Kate Ellis -- Michael Estabrook -- Kevin Farley, Robert Lecuyer, and Chris Thieke -- Sarah Farsad -- Lambert Fernando -- Fred Fleisher -- Madelon Galland -- Angel Garcia -- Stephen Garvey -- Robert Grant -- (English) Steve Harrington -- Vandana Jain -- Alex Khost, Carla Ciampi, Frank Caracciolo, Hakim Maloum -- James
Kinnie -- D.B. Lampman -- Victoria Law -- Hyeon-seok Lee -- Wayne Liu -- Santos Loo -- Holly Lynton -- Sheena Matheiken -- Joe Maynard -- Will McCurtin -- Mac McGill -- Tim McVicker -- Judith Modrak -- U.B. Morgan -- Jason Moriber -- Jann Nunn -- Alice O'Malley -- Lina Pallotta -- Emily Phipps -- ABC No Rio Print Shop -- Mark Power -- Morgan Ress -- Corinne Rhodes -- Scott Seaboldt -- Kate Simmer -- Laurie Stalter -- William Stamos -- Richard Wager -- Daryl Wells -- Amy Westpfahl -- Maria Yoon

Net Films-March 14 thru April 11, curated by bull.miletic: films for
viewing on the World Wide Web:

Featuring work by bull.miletic; Ariane Burgess and Paul Grant; Katie Bush; Young-hae Chang and Marc Voge; Vuk Cosic; Joaquin de la Puente; Julie Hair; Graham Milton; Motomichi Nakamura; and Kevin Pyle, Andrea Meller and Roger Manning.

Video-March 14 thru April 11, curated by Kimberly Mora: work exploring sensation: fear, anticipation, joy, awkwardness... Videographers: Anne Eastman, Lisi Raskin, Shaun Irons & Lauren Petty, Kim Keever, Jonah Freeman, Anne Lepore, and Jerelyn Hanrahan.

Aural Barbacoa--Friday March 15 at 8:00PM, curated by Evan Hause: free-form music by formalist composers. Composers: Dan Cooper, Interzone Perceptible (from Essen, Germany via CD), Mark Ozdoba, Gene Pritsker; Composer-Performers (each playing solo): Jeff Arnal (percussion), Paul Brantley (cello), Dan Marcus (guitar); Performer: Lynn Bechtold (violin).

Special Ides Unorganicized Reading-Sunday March 17 at 3:00PM: an open poetry reading celebrating the Ides of March.

ABC No Rio "Open House"-Thursday March 21 from 7:00 to 10:00PM: showcasing and highlighting ABC No Rio resources, facilities and programs.

Building-Wide Performances-Friday March 22 at 8:00PM, curated by Joe Maynard: performers and performance artists throughout the building work with and relate to the installations.

Special COMA Performance--Sunday March 24 at 8:00PM: COMA is No Rio's series of experimental and improvisational music. This special evening will feature Kyoko Kitamura (vocals) Gregory Wildes (reeds), Blaise Siwula (reeds), David Hines (guitar), Frank Keeley (guitar), Ken Kubo (guitar) and Matt Hannafin (percussion) in ensemble.

Good Friday Procession and Performance--Friday March 29 at 8:00PM, curated by Joe Maynard.

Film Screening--Friday April 5 at 8:00PM, curated by Irys Schenker: experimental films providing varying perspectives on notions of intimacy, history and the feminine through techniques and materials such as hand-processing, archival footage, time-lapse photography, high contrast film, and historical documents and other ephemera. Filmmakers: Andrès Sanz,
Jeanne Liotta, Chana Pollack, Brian Frye and Abraham Ravett.