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Middle-Finger Internet Radio Station

AFI-Anarchist Federation Ireland


Hi all

MFR is an anarchist internet radio station run
by w@g (Walthamstow Anarchist Group in London) people
and others. The site is live and can be found at
Middle Finger Radio

Right now it includes a policy statement and explains
how the site will work. There is also a big archive of
spoken word by various interesting people. The station
'programs' will contain anarchist only stuff (tho' the
archive is a bit broader) and will consist of
anarchist music and poetry as well as articles on
what's going on of interest politically in Britain and

We want a variety of formats (reports,interviews,
discussions, rants, etc) so if you are involved
in anything locally why not make a recording for

So far we have lined up, amongst other things: A
debate between an Anarchist and a Marxist, an
interview with the Wombles, a talk on the Anarchist
Youth network, some French anarchist songs, an
article on Anarchism in Northern Ireland... get the

We'll consider anything and everything. Unfortunately
we don't have the technology (or rather the money to
get the technology) to broadcast live, so the station
will consist of downloadable recordings.

Hope you can contribute in some way to help get this
project up and running.