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Why the Religious Right is Wrong, and How the Peop

I am not sure what to make of this post, the site it points to seems a bit loony. sort of a religious loony with a bone to pick with the religious right.
--Uncle Fluffy

Anonymous Comrade writes: A great book has just been published called Real Prophecy Unveiled: Why the Christ Will Not Come Again, And Why the Religious Right is Wrong. It clearly and thoroughly points out the error and hypocrisy of the Religious Right, exposes the spiritual ignorance of the proud and militant, and tells how the humble and the meek shall indeed inherit the earth. In fact, it tells how we shall at long last do away with divisive partisan politics, get rid of the pretender to the throne, create government of, for, and by the people, and finally share the throne as the equal joint heirs that we are according to real prophecy. This is the long-awaited message that will actually give the power to the people! Check out http://realprophecyunveiled.netfirms.com