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prisoner mistreated because he cannot speak English

Anonymous Comrade writes: I received word from a few of the guys over at Union CI today. They
wanted us
to know about an Korean Inmate named Myongs Ji (DC# L32953). He's 36
old and his inability to speak English has frustrated and angered
some guards at
Union who seem to take things way too personal.

As is the Far Eastern philosophy, Myongs' crime brought dishonor to
his family
and he has been abandoned by them and has no one on the outside to
encourage or comfort him.

Guards have been known to get frustrated with Myongs' inability to
and have regularly used physical force on him, coloring the beatings
perverse declarations like, "He'll learn English fast enough...we'll
beat it
into him"
and "If we hurt him, I'll bet you'll see how fast he can learn."

The guard's keep him in lock up alot. But a few of the guy's asked one
of the guards, "Will you let him out if we will teach him English?"

Well these few men are working hard to teach Myongs to speak English
so the
few guard's that want to teach him the language their way won't get
their hands
on him.

The Union inmates would like to know if we could find someone who
reads and
writes Korean who would be willing to penpal with Myongs. Or if
could get a publisher to send in a Korean/English dictionary, it
would help."

Myongs Ji


Union CI

P.O. Box 221

Raiford, Florida 32083