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"Theory Trouble" Focus for <i>Symploke</i> Journal

"Theory Trouble" Focus for Symploke Journal

symploke, a journal for the intermingling of literary, cultural, and
theoretical scholarship (ISSN 1069-0697),
seeks submissions for its special issue Theory Trouble (Vol. 11, no. 1).

Welcome are contributions discussing the current and future status of
theory in
the humanities. Is theory in trouble? What are the sources of this
What is left of theory? Has theory lost its relevancy and critical edge?

Has it lost the self-identity that it once had? How important is it for
theory to ask self-reflexive questions about what it is and does? Is
self-reflexivity linked to relevancy?

Send manuscripts by 15 August 2002

to the Editor, Jeffrey R. Di Leo, symploke,
Department of English (MC

University of Illinois at Chicago,
601 South Morgan St.,
Chicago, IL

E-mail: editor@symploke.org.