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February 1: 'A Year in the Streets' at ABC No Rio

A Year in the Streets: WTO Seattle to the Bush Inauguration

produced by the Cascadia Media Collective.

Friday February 1 at 8:00pm at ABC No Rio

Sliding Scale: $2—$5

"85 minutes of glorious footage from the revolutionary movement against capitalism and globalization."

--AK Press

A new generation of activists rises to expose the atrocities of neoliberal
economic globalization and to confront the violence of the capitalist police
state. In the belly of the beast, people are hitting the streets in mass
actions, struggling for a future in which domination, exploitation and
ecocide will be sad memories of a bygone era. Their message is a vibrant,
raging cry for justice and a free humanity. From WTO Seattle to the Bush
inauguration protests, A Year in the Streets criss-crosses the country,
providing a street-level view of the clash between activists who recognize
the need for urgent radical change and a state apparatus engaged in the
widespread repression of free speech and assembly.

The videomakers will be present.

The Cascadia Media Collective is an uncompromising group of videographers
producing "left of left" videos on resistance to environmental destruction,
political demonstrations and the collapse of the techno-capitalist era. CMC
challenges typical liberal viewpoints to expand and accept more radical
approaches to today's looming problems, as well as their solutions. Through
its films and media projects, CMC has appealed to a wide cross section of the
public without compromising its radical viewpoints, providing a healthy,
vibrant alternative to the mainstream corporate media.

ABC No Rio

156 Rivington Street (between Clinton & Suffolk)

(212) 254-3697