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CCRB Memo to Organizations

nomadlab writes: "I am not totally sure what to make of this, but --via a list I am on-- I was sent a fwd of an email that went out on friday. It seems that the NYC Civilian Complaints Review Board (the powerless group that has the job of reviewing complaints against the police) has contacted a number of groups that are planning to participate in the anti-WEF demonstrations. They even sent an attachment -- the form necessary to file a compalint. I guess someone is expecting a ton of trouble.

below is the email and a link to the .pdf file (hey, can't hurt to hand out some of these at the demo.)

From: "Andrew Case" <acase@ccrb.nyc.gov><BR>

To: <50years@50years.org>; <feedback@aflcio.org>;
<bankboycott@econjustice.net>; <monitor@essential.org>;
<SocialForumnyc2002@hotmail.com>; <gpusa@igc.org>;<Policeproject@nlg.org&gt ;;

Sent: Friday, January 18, 2002 5:46 PM

Subject: Civilian Complaint Review Board

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing you from the outreach department of the Civilian
Review Board, New York's civilian agency charged with investigating
allegations of misconduct against the New York City Police Department.
We are contacting organizations that plan to be active over the
of January 31st at the World Economic Forum in New York. While we
fervently hope that both the demonstrations and the actions of the
police department will be civil, non-violent, and constitutional, we
want to make organizations planning to demonstrate aware of our
existence, and aware of the process for filing a complaint against a
York City Police Officer should misconduct arise during the weekend. I
have attached a copy of our brochure; we would be happy to mail
brochures or signs to your organization should you be interested. You
may contact me at 212.676.6017 or by email if you have further
questions. Our 24-hour complaint hotline is 1.800.341.CCRB (2272).


Andrew Case


click here to download the form that was attached"