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Action Against Anti-Terrorist Laws in Europe

entropia writes: "After a long time anarchist and antiauthoritarian groups from Athens co-operated in order to organise an anarchist demonstration on 12th of January. The main subjects of the demonstration were the opposition to the "anti"terrorist law, to the European army, to the war and to assassinations of immigrants and racial minorities by police forces.
On 11th of January, anarchist groups organised protestations in the Polytechnic School of Athens, despite the decision of the school authorities to evacuate the place after 15:00. Banners with the slogans "Demonstration of resistance and solidarity", "Against the plundering of our lives - Solidarity to the insurrection in Argentina", "We are all foreigners and insurrected" and "Cops - Pigs - Assassins (in the Albanian language) were hanged up. Meanwhile counter-information brochures and leaflets were distributed to passing-by people. On the afternoon a movie was projected and followed an act of the Darien Fo's "I, Ulrike Meinhof" theatre play. The protestations finished with concert by the anarchist band "Ohra Spiroheti".
About 300-400 people participated the first day protestations. On 12th of January about 700-800 comrades demonstrated behind a central banner with the slogan "Wherever order and security exists, smells human flesh - Sabotage to social consensus". Due to massive police presence the demonstrators organised their self-defence (wear helmets, held crowbars and formed 3 lines of chains - tied hands). The demonstrators chanted for class war, solidarity to the social insurrection in Argentina, solidarity to immigrants and against repression. The demonstration finished peacefully on the entrance of the Polytechnic School. On midnight took place an assault, with stones and petrol bombs, against a riot police van, near the central offices of the PASOK (ruling party). On Thessaloniki, sub-capital of Greece, 4 hooded activists assaulted with stones and petrol bombs to a bank."