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"Dance Upon the Ruins of the World" Planned for Waldorf-Astoria

We at RTS NYC recently conducted a poll.

We asked CEOs, high-level government officials and
other members of the wealthy global elite the
following question:

Four months after the worst terrorist attack in U.S.
history, at a time when the site of the World Trade
Center remains a smoldering mass grave; when thousands
of New Yorkers have been laid off; when the city has
entered into austerity mode, initiating budget cuts,
axing social programs and welfare (but generously
donated a community center to a needy developer); and
when many New Yorkers are still deep in the process of
mourning their dead and a home forever changed, what
would be the best way to spend a few million taxpayer

a) on social programs that would benefit New York's
poor, hungry, homeless and jobless

b) on a 5-day cocktail party for rich people

Our prestigious respondents unanimously chose "b".

(Though George W. Bush requested, "No fancy fruity
drinks. Just beer and chicks.")

We at RTS NYC have decided to endorse these lovable
cats. We figure, with all that money and power, they
must know what they're doing!

So in solidarity with the World Economic Forum, RTS is
throwing its own bash -- a musically oriented,
danceable one, of course. Argentine Tango, anyone?
Consider yourself cordially invited to...


Profits Before People! Rebuild NY for Big Business!

Dress up, make music, and tango till you drop.

Date: Saturday, 2 February

Time: Noon

Place: The Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Park Avenue, NYC

Formal attire.

Calling all samba bands, musicians of every stripe,
tango instructors, bikers in ball gowns and
loudmouths. Meet with us next Wednesday, 16 January,
at 7pm at Judson Church (55 Washington Square South,
near Thompson St.) to plan the party.

No R.S.V.P. required.