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Alternatives to Corporate Globalization

Anonymous Comrade writes:

"Is a new world possible? Activists who fight corporate globalization certainly believe so. Those struggling to oppose corporate globalization are more than simply critics of the current system. Though global opposition to the negative effects of the world’s current economic and political systems continues to grow, every time those protesting corporate globalization appear en masse to call attention to a global financial body like the International Monetary Fund or World Trade Organization, their critics accuse them of offering little more than condemnation. "We know what you’re against," critics say, "BUT WHAT ARE YOU FOR?" The truth is, activists struggling to oppose corporate globalization offer many models of alternative ways to envision a new society. From developing viable economic alternatives to global capitalism to creating more effective ideas for educating children, from envisioning non-hierarchical means of organizing society to conceiving ways to enable more equality in interpersonal relationships, those who hope to create a better world offer infinite visions for a way to do just that.

Below are links to web-based resources that offer examples of ideas for what some of those alternatives may be. Some of the below links and resources complement one another, others are directly contradictory. Some of the below ideas been proven to work on a small or large scale; some are only ideals that we, raised as competitive creatures in a hierarchical society, have not yet been able to achieve. Despite these differences some themes keep coming up in all of the ideas below -- sustainability for the Earth and those who live upon it, true justice and equality in social and political interaction, reorganization of power and resource distribution, diversity and multiculturalism as opposed to cultural or racial homogeneity, a healthy balance between the individual’s personal freedom and the creation of a functioning society, practical decision-making processes that empower all to reach our human potential while having control of the world as it affects us. Below you will find theories and ideas based upon the simple concept that creating a world based upon these precepts IS POSSIBLE.

This is a developing resource which is currently quite incomplete. Feel free to suggest changes, revisions and new links to the "alternatives" working group by e-mailing us at www-features-ongoing@indymedia.org."

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