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National Conference on Organized Resistance

(formerly The National Conference on Civil Disobedience)

January 25-27 of 2002
in Washington D.C.


What Is It?

The National Conference on Organized Resistance (NCOR) is in its fifth
successful year. In years past, this conference has played a significant
role in coordinating a dialogue between activist groups, and sparking
in-depth discussion of the strategies and tactics of our various social
justice movements. This year, NCOR again envisions being a forum for cutting
edge discussion for people of all different levels of involvement. Last
year, over 1,000 people converged on Washington, DC for a weekend of
experience, discussion, planning, and protest. Don't miss this year!


We are a seven member collective of amazing activists, but we understand the
limitations of our experience. We don't pretend to represent all movements,
but as a collective we strive to bring you an inclusive conference.

We encourage you to help us work towards this goal. The best conference is
the one we build together. Submit a proposal, suggest a speaker, bring a
friend to the conference, offer housing or a ride, flyer in your community,
volenteer to set-up or take down, spend some time in the childcare room, or
be creative!

Driving directions to campus and map

Amtrak trains regularly arrive in Washington at Union Station, and Metro
(subway) trains run from Union Station to the Tenleytown/AU stop.

If you are coming by public transportation, via the Metro, Washington D.C.'s
subway system, you will need to take the Red line to the Tenleytown/American
University stop. When you exit from the Tenleytown/American University
Metro, you may take a free AU shuttle bus to campus or walk. It is brief
5-10 minute shuttle ride, or a 3/4-mile walk to campus.

Shuttle directions: The AU shuttle bus stops outside of the
Tenleytown/American University Metro stop. When you leave the metro station,
you should take the escalator on your left. This will lead you to the Metro
bus stops at the corner of Albemarle and 40th St. The AU shuttle bus picks
up and drops off at this Metro bus stop area. The AU shuttle runs
approximately every 15 minutes on the quarter hour. The shuttle makes
multiple stops at different parts of campus. We suggest that you check with
the driver or a student to confirm where is the best place for you to get
off depending on where it is you are going.

Walking directions: Exit the Metro station using the escalator on your
right. When you come up the escalator you will be on Wisconsin Avenue. Take
a right to walk down Wisconsin one block, immediately passing the Tenleytown
library. Bear right at the Tenleytown Circle on Nebraska Avenue, you will
see a Church on the corner of the circle. Walk up Nebraska Avenue. You will
pass The American University Tenley Campus on your right. Continue walking
on Nebraska Ave. for about 1/2 mile. Nebraska leads to Ward Circle, a
rotary. Walk around the circle to continue straight on Nebraska. You will
immediately see American University directly to your right hand side
following Ward Circle. The Admissions Welcome Center in the lobby of the
Ward Circle Building.
You've arrived!

Yvonne Liu

[ Students for Global Justice, Columbia University ]

+ yl90@columbia.edu

+ http://www.studentsforglobaljustice.org

+ vox: 646 321 5710"